Environmental Responsibility

Universal Relocations Adheres to FIDI / FAIM Standards

In order to maintain our FAIM accreditations and in accordance with our Quality Control procedures, all Universal Relocations branches and offices are subject to regular on-site evaluations. The aim is to assess how well we follow procedures, to guarantee that environmental criteria are respected and that we conform to FIDI’s strict standards.

FIDI FAIM standards:

  • Sorting plastic, paper and cardboard for recycling.
  • Recycling printer cartridges.
  • Communicating electronically to reduce paper consumption.
  • Using packing material of quality that can be recycled.
  • Preventative maintenance programs for all vehicles.
  • Minimizing road transportation with the use of water transportation.
  • Regulated disposal of motor oil.
  • Disposal of batteries.
  • Use of energy-saving light bulbs.

Recycling and Paper

  • Plastics, paper and cardboard are sorted for recycling in all our branches. Moreover, ink cartridges are recycled and we print on recycled paper.
  • We encourage the use of emails, both internally and with clients and partners. By reducing fax and mail services, we decrease paper consumption.

Packing Materials and Techniques

  • All our branches recycle their Packing Materials wherever local infrastructures allow it.
  • We also use special packing techniques to optimize the use of space. This reduces volume and the impact of transport on the environment.

Universal Relocations Vehicles

  • Universal Relocations implements a preventative and regular maintenance program for all vehicles (trucks, cars, forklifts) to reduce the effect of greenhouse gases on the environment.
  • Moreover, oils from waste and batteries are returned.
  • Maritime and inter-modal freight transportation is used as often as possible.

Other Actions

  • We advise all employees to switch off their computers and lights before leaving the office.
  • We try to increase staff awareness about being environmentally responsible.

Universal Relocations was established in 1996. In the very early years, we concentrated on developing our international moving business. We moved Corporate Expatriates and Diplomats from a wide range of business sectors. And we’re still working with many of those clients today.

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