Meet The Universal Relocations Management Team


Sangeetha Dave

Director of Finance

Sangeetha Davis is a graduate of Madras University, the Mecca of Music. Imbued with a strong sense of teamwork, she has the innate ability to connect with people across multiple strata. Sangeetha is a born leader and has a penchant for nurturing her group and bringing out the best in them. Adept at striking a perfect balance between the needs of the staff and their deliverables, she integrates the priority of the organization with the aspirations of the client. Sangeetha considers every interaction as an opportunity to learn and always looks at improving, rather than proving.

A fitness fad, Sangeetha can be frequently spotted at the gym and practices yoga as a chosen hobby. Her weekends are dedicated to family and inner peace, she often volunteers her time at senior homes, orphanages and hospices.


Madhu Sudhan

Director of Sales  USA

Madhu Sudan started his career at the tender age of 19 in sales. Now, with 31 years of experience in marketing and sales, Madhu has grown his career from Sales Rep to Director of Sales at Universal Relocation — all the while grooming and training the youth in his team. Madhu’s training in sales and marketing motivates him to be a mentor and motivator who shares his experience with any that lean to him for tips on growth and success.

On the weekend, Madhu can be found at his backyard playing badminton with his children, or boxing at the gym. Something people don’t know about him is that Madhu represented his state in Junior Boxing in the National Championship consecutively for three years, and won the National Championship as a teenager. Indoor sports are hobbies of his and he works on his fitness whenever given the chance.


Jason Pancis

General Manager Sales  USA

Jason Pancis is a business man with an appetite for success. He graduated with a degree in Aeronautics and spent 6 years as a career airline pilot and commodities trader on the NYMEX Exchange. Having been involved in the relocation industry for four years, Jason proudly joined Universal Relocations in 2014 as the US General Manager. His main focus has been increasing Universal Relocation’s structural organization while simultaneously developing business in the US market.

On weekends, Jason can be found spending time with his wife and family, skiing in the winter months, and enjoying the beach during the summer.


Richard Maben

Move Manager  USA

With Richard Maben, age is just a number; He considers himself a 20-year-old youth with 30 years of experience. He has cultivated skills in business administration that makes him an apt Sales Manager at Universal Relocations. He is a go-getter, an entertainer and flamboyant charmer. Richard’s hobby is to make people laugh and he often chats tirelessly with friends and colleague about how to make life meaningful.

What people don’t know about Richard is that he goes on a honeymoon with his better half every year.


Geetha Rajaram

Branch Manager  Georgia

Geetha Rajaram is an accomplished manager with a positive attitude! She is results-oriented, with over a decade of success in the International Shipping and Logistics Industry. As the Branch Manager in Georgia, Geetha has helped grow Universal Relocations with her performance driven attitude.

Geetha considers family, fun and frolic integral to her life. She frequently dabbles in creative arts and craft on weekends.


Victoria Huot

Branch Manager  New Jersey

Victoria Huot is the Operations Manager at Universal Relocations Inc. She has been part of the team for two years.  She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from the College of St Joseph in Rutland, VT.  Victoria has gone a long way here at Universal Relocations where she does her best to make all clients have a stress free move.  She does her best to make herself available at all times for the clients to be able to reach out and explain any concerns they may have.  A move can be stressful, and Victoria does what she can to make the families feel confident about their move.

On the weekends during the summer, Victoria enjoys to go down the shore and spend time by the beach with family and friends.  Victoria also enjoys going to the field to play ultimate Frisbee with friends.


Umesh Shah

Branch Manager Texas

Umesh Shah is the Branch Manager in Texas and conducts support sales and operations. After devoting multiple years to running his own business, and being involved in the international relocations industry for 6 years, Umesh firmly believes that the best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today. As a self-motivated and energetic leader, Umesh loves to challenge himself and those around him to attain the highest standards possible, to ensure that the company grows and achieves its maximum potential.

Umesh is a firm believer in the wholesome balance of work and family life. On weekends, you can find him relaxing at home with his family. A unique thing about Umesh is that he loves to paint, and has gifted many painted canvases to friends and family. He also enjoys gardening, and listening to old Hindi songs.



Sales Executive  New Jersey

Mohini is an energetic doer, cheerful and spontaneous. She radiates enthusiasm and energy, loves nothing better than new challenges. She makes a pragmatic decision and enforce that decision vigorously.

Mohini likes to spend her spare time alone and to daydream. Her idea of a dream holiday is more a solo trip; perhaps to a lonely island or a trekking trip in the mountains.


Ravi Kumar

Asst Branch Manager  Delhi

Ravi Kumar has a Masters in Human Resources. He brought his 4 years of experience in Sales and Operations to Universal Relocations 2 ½ years ago and has administered customer service with ease ever since.
For Ravi, a typical weekend is relaxing with his wife and children. He likes to join friends for a sport or outing, but mostly prefers to be at home watching movies.


Priya Kumar

Move Manager  India

Priya Kumar is the Move Manager of India and handles export operations for Universal Relocations. Export is an important arm of the company, and challenges the company in helping clients familiarize themselves with relocations—this is what Priya excels at. Priya is an excellent team player and connects easily with clients using her positive attitude. She believes in leading by example and encourages her staff to ask for tips and tricks.

Priya’s hobbies are listening to music, traveling, reading books, gardening and spending quality time with her family.


Supash K

Manager Exports  Bangaluru

Being a young 42 years of age, Supash has a matured mind & professional attitude. Graduating with a Masters in Business Administration with specialization in Shipping and Logistics, Supash grabbed the opportunity to join the Universal Relocations as Operation Executive in 2004 at Bangalore branch office . As a Export Manager, he is enthusiastic to work and his ability to be customer friendly helps him excel in customer service.

Suparsh believes that the world runs after the successful people.



Manager Imports  Bangaluru

Young and Energetic with a hunger to succeed. Believes Attitude measures Altitude – .With career growth in mind has had a successful launch with Universal Relocations as a Imports Manager  3 years Ago with an ambition to grow in the moving industry and create a mark for himself. Calm and focused, being a good listener, this enables him to provide premium customer service.

Things you might not know about Neelakandan is, he is a SOLUTION FINDER, FOODIE, & PUNCTUALITY means a lot to him.



Move Manager Domestic  India

Shyamala is a Senior Move Manager having significant expertise in identifying resources and approaches that save money, reduce stress and produce quality results. She can provide a comprehensive approach to the move process: from space planning in the beginning to post-move support.

Shyamala loves music and plays synthesizer in her free time.



Manager Exports  Delhi



Manager Pets  India

What I would bring specifically to the business? a quality pet relocation service, Why do I want this role? because I love animals, he says. Abu and his staff of pet care specialists understands pet behaviors so they are able to comfort pets with separation anxiety and provide utmost care. He follows you along with your pet where ever you go.
Abu spends most of his free time in caring, training and understanding animal behaviors.


Michael Floyd Vieyra

Manager Operations  India

Michael has the qualities of leading a team and has A “Can Do” attitude approach ensuring shipments are dispatched as scheduled, Freight Systems. For him, “Approach is the approach that utilizes action rather than a thought”.
Michael likes to rock! listening to music, dancing, playing guitar and is a lover of pets, animals and birds.

Universal Relocations was established in 1996. In the very early years, we concentrated on developing our international moving business. We moved Corporate Expatriates and Diplomats from a wide range of business sectors. And we’re still working with many of those clients today.

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