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So you want to move permanently to India but you are busy with your work that you’ll be late to shift to India then there are the options that you can ask the relocation companies to help you in baggage shipping to India. If you are searching for the relocation companies go for the Universal Relocation. They provide the best shipping services. But besides researching for a relocation company also go through the customs duties in India.

There are basically two rules for the customs in India:

Moving to India permanently

If you are moving to India permanently you will definitely import your both personal and household effects free of duty and taxes but this will only be possible if:

  • If the goods are in your possession from the last six months
  • You have been living overseas for at least two years and now moving to India on a permanent basis
  • Or you haven’t visited India for at least 180 days in the previous two years

If you don’t come under the above conditions

If you don’t fall under any of the above-mentioned conditions then you will fall for customs duty and taxes for all your home appliances and even you have to pay a customs duty for TV in India.

How shipping occurs?

If you research for better relocation companies you’ll find a lot but it’s highly recommended that choose the one that goes best for you. When you have chosen the one who is according to your requirements then go through their website thoroughly and see their shipping packages, the services they provide, the discounts if there are any and if you don’t find any info regarding your queries then do ask them before hiring them.

Types of Shipping

There are two types of shipping

Door to Door

This is the most convenient type of shipping as it gives you peace of mind. You don’t have to rush here and there to collect your baggage once you have landed on India. This shipping system will save a lot of your time and physical labor.

Door to Port

This is very hectic as one has to first move their effects all from their USA house to USA port and after landing on India they have to take their stuff from the customs of the port to your house in India. This is time-consuming and it gives you a lot of tensions.

Usually, the companies have the executives to give you the shipping information. But it’s good to know more. So do the research yourself and ask the companies as well.


There are many traveler friends who are always in search of a place which is rich in culture and which is of distinct differences. If they are keen to travel to such a place then I must say they should visit India. India is a place where you’ll get to see the varieties in the culture. This means that on every step where you’ll face a different language, a different food, a different fashion and much more. It’s fun to travel that place but does keep it in mind that how well you are prepared for travel it can go from a complete blessing to an utter disaster. It all depends on you that how you handle your things while moving to India.

India is a big country with a variety of languages. Though English will make your day still there are places in India where they have their own local language. This cannot be said that learn to speak Hindi before coming to this place because Hindi is also a rare language here. So if you know at least the small phrases in different languages of India, you can easily move and have fun around in India.

If you are in India try to say “NO” to everyone because in India you’ll see the faces who’ll try to fleece you on your every step. Especially at the local bus stops, railway stations and in the local markets you’ll get to see many vendors with different items. They will try to convince you to buy them but you have to see what you are going to buy. But I must say you should better learn to say no to everyone there and do shopping from the malls there.

Indian food is as in verities as there are the verities in culture. You’ll get to see many delicious foods out there. They are rich in flavors. The food there is way different from the western cuisines. But no matter where you are, you’ll love the food there. But before digging into the thallis, get easy and give some time to your stomach because the food is so delicious that you won’t stop eating it.

Though India is a single country it looks like it is a continent with different countries side by side and each one of them with a different culture. Not just this, it is also geographically different at every state. It has all the geographical features like it has the deserts, rainforests, beaches, and the snowcapped peaks. India has it all. Now before leaving your country, you should have an assessment done on where will you go, what place you will visit and what things you’ll need to take along you. Make a list and check to mark the things that you have packed in your bags.

Everything aside has you hired the one who will help you regarding your baggage shipping to India? Not yet? Then I’ll suggest you hire Universal Relocation for this job. They are very responsible and fast and efficient in a relocation job. No matter if it’s a long journey or short, they‘ll ship your things with great care and love and won’t ask you more than required.



The transportation business is continually being changed by new innovation, extending from the ELD command to the possibility of self-ruling trucks. Innovation is relatively unavoidable in the present society and has changed the manner in which individuals dispatch. Buyers are ending up increasingly acquainted with innovation, and numerous organizations are centered on remaining in front of innovation to give clients a consistent shopping and dispatching knowledge. One way organizations are using new innovation is with shipment tracking.

Shipment tracking is another element that many delivery administrations are actualizing to give clients full perceivability of their shipment. Today we will cover the best reasons why shipment tracking isn’t just imperative to clients, yet to organizations also.

Improves the Shipping Experience

Having the capacity to track a shipment enables organizations to monitor and maintain a strategic distance from lost shipments. Shipment tracking can likewise tell shippers of any issues that happened on the bundle’s venture from source to goal. Organizations that offer shipment tracking can all the more likely fulfill their clients and give them a true serenity amid the delivery procedure.

Diminishes Unwanted Fees and Delays

Tracking a shipment’s adventure can enable organizations to track charges that may happen amid the transportation procedure. At the point when shippers can see issues happening amid their shipment, they can roll out the important improvements to evade undesirable expenses due to delays or switched get times. Without shipment tracking, charges could be unavoidable.

Keeps Customers Coming Back

Numerous clients can turn out to be extremely pushed when masterminding a shipment, particularly if the things that are being dispatched are critical and can’t have postponements or harms. Numerous shippers like to send utilizing an administration that offers Furniture Shipping to USA tracking so they can have power over their shipment and decrease pressure. Tracking of Baggage Shipping to USA can help fabricate a superior connection between the client and friends and can keep clients glad and returning.

As should be obvious, there are numerous advantages to shipment tracking for the two organizations and clients. Universal Relocation offers clients the capacity to track their shipments, see past and up and coming shipments and make client profiles to convey a more useful delivery encounter. To begin with us, get a statement today!


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