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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When you make a move then during packing and shifting everyone gets disturbed as everyone is doing their job out of their usual schedule and this might disturb them mentally and emotionally. Like every other family member, your dogs also get emotionally disturbed when they leave their old comfort zones.

Moving to a new place should be easy for each and every member of the family. Cats, dogs and your other pets are very sensitive to any change so before making a move plan it well. Moving with your pets is very difficult if not planned properly so we have listed down the following pointers that you should consider while relocating to the USA with your pets.

Pet Regulation Checklist

Before pet relocation, to the USA a proper medical checkup is necessary for your pets. What so ever state you are moving, read out the necessities you need to enter that state with your pets. If you are moving to the USA look through the proper certifications that include the complete medical checkup list and the vaccinations that needed to be done before entering the state. The requirements may differ from state to state so look carefully and prepare all the certifications before time.

Community Permits

Many communities don’t allow pets to enter with the pets. Like in the USA some communities do allow the pets like dogs and cats but they don’t allow other pets like snakes, alligators, ferrets, etc. so if you have any such pet do not take them along with you. Some communities charge you extra on entering with your furry pets. So read out the community regulations and rules beforehand.

Health Certificates

Many states like the USA ask for the health certificates of your furry friends. Some states just ask for the dogs and the other asks for the cats and birds as well. So make sure that your furry friends are healthy and you have there all health certificates with you.

Rabies tags

States like the USA ask for the pet rabies tags. This makes them sure that your pet is properly rabies vaccinated. The tag reads the details of dates and the number of vaccination of your pets.

Pet Saving instructions

Follow the below instructions to keep save your pets during the move from any mishap.

Attach the ID tags

If you are moving with your pet dog it must have an ID tag attach with its collar so that if your pet gets lost during the pet shipping to USA then the relocates can get the owner’s details from the tags as the tags have the pet names, owner names and the pet destination address.

Install the Microchips on collars

Because of the microchips if your pet gets lost then with the help of that microchip it will be again connected with you once it’s found. With this, you can also track your pets if they are lost.

Pet Carriers

Buy the pet carriers if you don’t have any so that while shipping your pets remain within the carriers and so they don’t get lost in the airports. If you are taking the pet shipping to USA services of Universal Relocation then you don’t even have to buy the one. We can arrange it for your pets.

Choose how you want to ship your pet

At Universal Relocation you have the choices that how you want to ship your pet dogs. Either you can use our air cargo services or by water shipping. If you find it easy then you can also ask for the road trips.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Everyone loves the winters. The pretty snowflakes and the ice skating on it, the pretty warm clothes and the trendy long boots are all the reasons that you welcome the winter with all your warm hearts. This cold season of the year is the only time when you really enjoy the hot saucy soups. Slurp! Though the winter comes with the many joys it also brings some serious challenges as well. If one is planning for a long distance move in the winters then extra seasonal considerations become very important to keep in one’s mind. And if you are moving with your pet you have a lot more to do.

Never consider a pet relocation an easy task. Relocating your pets overseas is not a picnic. Sometimes it becomes the most complicated task of your move. Before your pet relocation to the USA, you need to take out the maximum time from your hectic routines to make all the necessary documents for your pets so that you don’t have to leave your pets at the airport if none document is with you at that time. Whether your pet is a dog or a cat or a naughty feather fellow you must have all the documents of vaccinations, a health certificate, vet exams, and an airline approved crates.

How a winter will affect your plans for pet relocation

If the temperature falls below 45F, airlines around the world stop the job of pet travel. Because a short wait at the airport during loading and unloading can cause your pets a fever. Bad weather causes problems for airports as well. If there is a heavy snowfall then the flights can be delayed and your pets can get ill by staying for long at the airport. Or there might be problems like due to heavy snow you might get stuck in your cars with your pets and so may get cold. During winters people love to travel. It’s the most crowded travel times of the year. So your pets are at greater risk of bumping as like you.

Ask your pet travel partners

So before making a move in the winters as the pet relocation experts certain times that how they will handle your pets during the move. Ask for what potential complications there can be for your pets if any. And also ask for the non-winter relocation services too if you are moving to India instead of a heavy cold place.


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]So you want a move to a very new place. There can be many reasons to change your place. You might want a change because you simply don’t want to live in the current place, or you want to do a job abroad or you want to go overseas for the higher studies. Anything can be possible. If you are anticipating relocation to the USA you might be making a good decision but if you take the moving process in the wrong direction then don’t expect it to be a relaxing move. Moving to a new place can both be excitement and frustration but it totally depends on you that how you take it. In the frenzy of the relocation process, don’t forget to consider the needs of your pet if they are moving with you as well.

Pets are sensitive to any change

Pets are mostly creatures of habit. Unlike you, they might don’t want a change. They are very much attached to their homes. If you make them feel that this move is going to hit them hard then there are chances that they go through a trauma. Particularly cats are very attached to their little homes. If you make them feel that they are leaving their homes forever, this might bring psychological or physiological problems within them. The hectic moving process will directly affect their routine as well as their physical and social environment.

A change can be scary for everyone, so is for your pets. It’s unpredictable how your pets will react to a permanent move but it totally depends on you that how you make them feel easy. Know the personality, characteristics and their points of sensitivity to make them prepare for the long trip and a permanent move.

Get the help from pet transporters

A long trip with your furry buddies is not an easy thing. Make your move smart by hiring a pet relocation specialist.  A professional pet transporter can be a blessing for you. Just tell them your requirements and they will do a pet shipping job for you. Their pet shipping to USA services can relieve you of untold frustration, hassle, and outright worry. As they are in the pet shipping business and are experienced they know the things to make you worry-free of the pet relocation. Thanks to Universal Relocation, they provide the best pet shipping services.

The USA is a big state so it might take you hours or a whole day to travel to get to your destination. But what pets will do during this time? Pets are very sensitive so if they don’t get food on time sewer hunger may strike. So when you ask for a pet relocation to USA services from your trusted pet transporters, you don’t have to worry about their food. Not only this they’ll provide you a pet medication service as well in case your pets get travel sickness.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


If you are moving to the USA, you need to consider the following regulations to get the permit of Pet Relocation to the USA. These regulations are must follow by the dogs, cats and ferrets owners only. Let’s have a look at these regulations.

Pet Microchip

The United States does not necessitate that your pet is related to a pet microchip, however, it is suggested that you microchip your pet with a 15 digit ISO 11784 agreeable microchip and enroll your contact data preceding voyaging.


Mutts that have never been inoculated against rabies must be immunized somewhere around 30 days preceding entry. Grown-up canines more established than 15 months of age that have already gotten a rabies immunization given no sooner than 3 months of age and that has since lapsed might be transported in quickly following supporter inoculation, without the need to sit tight for 30 days. Rabies inoculations for felines are not required to enter the nation, but rather necessities might be liable to State and nearby statutes.

Blood tests

This is not required to enter the USA from any of the countries.

Screw-worm inspections for dogs only

Before your canine can enter the United States from the accompanying nations, it must be examined for certain screwworms somewhere in the range of one and five days preceding entering the United States. Your veterinarian must check that your pet has been assessed for screwworm, and the outcomes are negative.

Treatment for tapeworms for dogs only

Collies, shepherds, and different mutts that are foreign made from any piece of the world aside from Canada, Mexico, and locales of Central America and the West Indies must have a tapeworm treatment directed by an authorized veterinarian in a matter of seconds before passage to the US and are liable to review and isolate.

Permit to import

All pooches being foreign to the United States for business resale or reception must have an import allow issued by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Health certification

An authorized veterinarian must finish and sign a veterinary authentication. This endorsement ought to be in English or be joined by a rendition interpreted in English. It ought to recognize the creature, the dates of inoculation, the producer and the lapse date of the rabies immunization.

Pet entering the USA by air

All pets entering the United States unaccompanied as air freight must be guaranteed by somebody with US lawful inhabitant status or a native of the US and must have a substantial US address. It is emphatically exhorted that canine proprietors bringing in excess of 5 puppies claimed by them by means of air cargo contact the Universal Relocation not only this they can also ask them for the pet shipping to the USA to abstain from having the import be named as a business.


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