How to Budget before moving Overseas?

December 8, 2018 Moving

Are you planning to move overseas? That’s amazing! Now that you have decided to move, have you planned out your budget? If not, then you have arrived in the right place.

Cost breakdown

The total expenditure for moving can be broken down into the following key areas:

1.      Packing

You will need to purchase packing supplies for packing household items. Other than this, this cost will include moving insurance and hiring professional movers. Here are the services professional movers provide.

2.      Shipping items

This cost includes what shipping companies charge for moving overseas. Other than this, it also includes container charges and storage facilities that moving companies provide. Check out Universal Relocation website to get an estimate on the cost of shipping overseas.

3.      Travel Costs

This cost sums up the tickets for flights when moving to your new home. It also includes the cost of obtaining a visa, work permit, residence permit, and customs fees for importing household goods.

If you are planning to take your pets with you to your new home, travel cost also includes this.

The budget for living overseas

Apart from the actual money you spend on moving, there are some points that you should consider before moving;

1.      Source of Income

If you are moving overseas, you must have a source of income to support yourself. Therefore, before moving to the USA or any other country, it is essential that you have a job with a steady income. It could mean that you either have an employer or are working as a digital nomad. Whatever the case is, you should have a job that allows you to pay for your accommodation, food, and other utilities.

2.      Financial Obligations

You should keep your financial obligations in mind as well before moving overseas. If, for example, you are moving with family, you need to provide for them as well. Schooling for kids may be free in some countries but not in others. Therefore you may have to pay for education. This is just one example of your financial obligation.

Apart from this, you may have others to take care of loans and other financial obligations in your native country. Make sure that you are able to handle these as well.

3.      Accommodation

After moving, you may face accommodation issues. Therefore, ensure that you have enough connections that will help you in finding a place to live. You will need a residence permit to live in a house in an overseas country.

Universal Relocations

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