Moving Out Cleaning Tips
To make cleaning easier and more effective, you are recommended to:

Get hold of appropriate moving cleaning supplies and keep them at hand. There are certain cleaning supplies you can’t do without when preparing your home for moving – disinfecting cleaners, glass cleaners, baking soda, white vinegar, cleaning cloths, dusting cloths, plastic or nylon bristled soft scrubbers, different kinds of brushes, furniture polish, fabric protectors, a mop, a vacuum cleaner, a broom and a dustpan, a bucket, a step stool, rubber gloves, etc. Make sure these items don’t get accidentally loaded on the moving truck with the rest of your possessions – you’re going to need them when the movers depart from your old home and then again, before they arrive in your new property.

Prepare and clean the items you are going to take with you as early as possible. You will certainly want to give your household items a good cleaning after the move, but this doesn’t make cleaning them before the move redundant – you probably don’t want to take all the accumulated dust and dirt, stains and grime, bacteria and germs to your new home, do you? Besides, wiping your items clean before the move will make your job much easier afterwards, when unpacking and arranging your new place. So, make sure you empty and clean all the furniture pieces and household appliances you intend to relocate several days before moving day and get them properly packed and ready for shipment by the time your movers arrive.

Let me introduce you to your new best friends when cleaning your home before moving out – Mr.Sponge and Mrs. Broom.
Wait until your possessions have been loaded onto the moving truck to give your old home a final, thorough cleaning. If you start cleaning while your packed possessions are still scattered all around the place, your task will turn out to be much more difficult and time-consuming than necessary – all those moving boxes and furniture pieces will be in your way and you won’t be able to clean the premises quickly and efficiently enough.

For best results, always start cleaning from top to bottom and back to front. Otherwise, you may soil an already cleaned surface and have to wipe it again;

Complete “dry” cleaning tasks first (such as dusting, vacuuming and sweeping). You just can’t efficiently wash, mop, and/or wipe surfaces with a damp cloth when there is still dust or dirt on them;
Clean task-by-task, not room-by-room. This method is much faster and considerably more efficient – when you have equipped yourself with a furniture polish and a soft cloth.


After you have transferred the last box from the moving truck to your new place, one’s bound to get caught in the unpacking, cleaning and arranging the new house. Once you get caught in the flow of it the world shrinks to your household alone and you tend to forget about the neighbors around your house. Getting to know your neighbors can do you a lot of good. And good manners dictate that we should meet the neighbors and get to know them. Making good friends out of them can go a long way.

Take the first step
You are the new face in the neighborhood and you should get know the kind of neighbors you have. You shouldn’t count on them taking the first step. Everyone’s busy and trying to strike a balance between tiresome jobs, caring for their families and the things that life throws at them. People may be shy and introverted. They might be waiting for you to take the first step because they are afraid of invading your privacy. While some are like this, a few are nosy folks, gossipers, and people who badmouth the neighbors. Let your existence know and then you can start inviting them for the get-together.

Plan a housewarming party
Put together an informal gathering and it need not be anything special. As you are new to the place they wouldn’t be expecting you to pull any miracles. It can be just appetizers such as crackers, cheese, and juices. You will have a lot of time to show off your cooking and baking skills in the days to come. You just have to clean your home, get supplies and invite the neighbors. Play music to add an ambiance and put up some balloons. Sit back, relax and have fun. In such a relaxing environment you will meet nice and caring people.

Neighbors are your local Google
Strike up a casual conversation with your neighbor. A simple ‘Hi’, ‘Hello’, ‘How are you?’ are the pathway to strong relationships. They can provide assistance to you in an unfamiliar setting, which is your new locality. They will be more than happy to give you useful information such as school, places of worship, grocery stores, and reliable service providers. Without prodding too much, they might provide you with insider tips and unique points that are pertinent to their own neighborhood. Giving you this information, they would feel good about themselves and you get a sense of belonging to the community. You can also go to them if you need a helping hand or advice which you’d definitely reciprocate in the future.

Points of Connection
Once you start fraternizing with them, you start to discover shared interests, common fortunes, and misfortunes. This can be a good bonding exercise. Children and pets can be good ice-breakers. As you get closer you can help each other walk your dogs and your children might find the best playmates right next door. When you spend more time on the outside gardening or fixing your car, you’re bound to get invited in. They eventually ask you to participate with them in certain activities and there’s no compulsion to it.

Be a good neighbor
Remain a good neighbor even if you are not treated with the same respect you provide. Always be courteous when they help you and thank the, for their concern. You can never guess the next minute of your life and you never know, your neighbor might remain a good friend for the rest of your life.
You can even have the packers and movers unpack your things while you prepare a housewarming party. Things would go much smoother and you’ll have plenty of time to relax.

The steel box is probably one of the most revolutionary elements of the shipping industry because it allowed for the transportation of large amounts of cargo over large distances. It has been an invaluable addition to the industry since it broadly reflects some of the important changes that have taken place within the industry over the past six decades.

The best steel box containers are able to withstand the principle challenges of transporting goods by sea including:

[a] The heaviness of the cargo
[b] The security considerations for shipping
[c] Avoidance of rat and pest infestations
[d] Easy handling from loading to offloading

There is a wide variety of options available for shipping. At the top end are the reusable that are excellent for intermodal shipments. At the lower end are the purpose-built corrugated boxes.

Currently there are about 17 million intermodal containers around the globe. However, about 7 million of them are abandoned at the destination because it is not cost-effective to ship them back to the country of origin.

The Pre-1956 Era

The old shipping methods were very much geared towards manual operations. Although they helped to build interpersonal relationships among the shippers, they were also cumbersome and expensive procedures. The early innovators went through many teething problems before the final product was on the market.

Some of the difficulties that were faced included:

[1] Everything had to be counted and loaded in by hand
[2] The wooden pallets used could not cope with the load
[3] Hoisting the pallet in the air was a particularly challenging task
[4] Nothing could be done without the willing support of strong and dedicated employees on shore.

Container Shipping After 1956

Once the idea of a steel shipping box had been established in the industry, it heralded important changes. It is that box that has fueled the rapid economic transformation of China, a major influencer and contributor to international trade. The box has actually been credited with increasing globalization, with all the attendant challenges to world stability.

Consequences of the Box

As a result of the success of the steel box, it was widely adopted in the industry. The reduced shipping costs brought in new players in an industry that would otherwise have been beyond their reach. New destinations were opening up to aid the transformation into a globalized world. The steel box has become a fixture in the industry and it is inconceivable that the industry would ever do without it.

The Industry Today

Now that the box is established, the industry is looking for even more efficient technologies. The starting point is in ensuring that the boxes that are used can be recycled so that the toll on the environment is reduced. This is in line with the expectations of corporate social equity in the shipping industry today.

The Future of Shipping

The shipping industry is always looking to evolve in order to deal with the challenges of the future. Although speed is now at its zenith, the overall issue of efficiency has not yet been definitively resolved. Ocean shipping is an expensive endeavor, even though it is much cheaper than using an airplane. For the moment the steel box has a certain future that will involve ferrying millions of dollars’ worth of goods across thousands of miles.

A shipping industry without its iconic steel box would not be where we are today. Certainly, a powerhouse like China would not have achieved even a fraction of what it has achieved so far to date. Nevertheless, the steel box may undergo even more modifications in order to make it fit for future purposes.

We have seen the 5 best cities to live in the U.S but, today we are going to see what are the 5 best cities to live in India. Even though India might not be as vast in area compared to the U.S, It’s one of the most populated and developing countries with around 29 states. India has got very vast culture and heritage. We are going to talk about which 5 cities in India are worth living and why. Let’s get into the facts and check it out:

  1. BANGALORE:What was a quiet city called the Pensioner’s Paradise in the ’70s, Bangalore has changed considerably over the years. Before the advent of the IT companies, Bangalore biggest hirers were the PSU companies such as BHEL.

    Now it has become an IT Hub, a cosmopolitan city and a welcoming city with a great culture and great weather.

    Apart from that, what makes Bangalore tick?

    Cost of Living in Bangalore

    Considering it is a major hub, the cost of living in Bangalore is lesser than Gurgaon, Mumbai, Noida and Delhi.

    For a city that is in big demand in terms of land and rent opportunities, the rental isn’t expensive in Bangalore.

    Work Opportunities in Bangalore

    Bangalore is a haven for work opportunities. Most people who move to Bangalore, live in the city for decades because of the numerous work opportunities the city offers. The biggest hirers are

    • IT services companies
    • Advertising agencies
    • Public Sector Companies
    • Startups

    Women Empowered – Safety

    The city is a haven for women and women safety. You’ll notice women auto drivers, women delivery professionals. The government  allocated 667 crores for the safety of women. More than 4500 junctions are enabled with 10,000 CCTV cameras to deter crime in real-time.

    Weekend Getaway’s

    For people who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city can choose from various weekend getaway options such as Coorg, Chikmagalur. For the people who want to take their weekend to the next level, they can choose destinations such as Gokarna and Goa.

    • Coorg – 5 hours by road
    • Gokarna – 8 hours by road
    • Chikmagalur – 4 hours by road
    • Goa – 10 hours by road
    • Wayanad – 5 hours by road

    Gated Communities

    Bangalore has numerous options for living. The city has a good collection of Gated Communities that are well protected and has brilliant amenities such as swimming pools, gym centers, common room etc.

    Apart from that, Bangalore also has independent apartments and bungalows that are available for rent.


    Although Bangalore’s lakes have dwindled there are numerous parks to visit and get close to nature. Cubbon Park is one of the biggest parks in the city with 120 hectares of land that is filled with trees and walking trails.

    Almost every area in Bangalore has two to three parks for people to walk in and relax.

    People and Culture

    The best part about Bangalore is its open and welcoming culture. Languages spoken in Bangalore are Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English. It’s truly a cosmopolitan city that anybody from anywhere can call home.

  2. MUMBAI:Mumbai the financial hub of India has always been a major living destination for most Indians because of the opportunities it offers. Mumbai is the epicenter of big businesses, Bollywood, startups and more. Due to this rental is very expensive.

    Work Opportunities

    Mumbai is teeming with opportunities with people from all fields finding work in this big city. The best part about Mumbai is the mix of established companies and the new-age startups. It’s considered the City of Dreams because of the immense growth opportunities.


    Mumbai is a city that never sleeps. It’s not uncommon to see women walking alone at night in Mumbai. It is considered one of the safest cities in India for women and in general.

    Transport and Fair Auto rickshaw Drivers

    Mumbai has some of the best public transport in India. The locals, BEST buses ply to every part of the city and are regular. Mumbai is also one of the rare metropolitan cities in India where the auto rickshaw drivers go by the meter and are honest.

    Weekend Getaway’s

    Mumbai does have a lot of options for weekend getaways. Some of the popular weekend getaways from Mumbai are

    • Lonavala
    • Pune
    • Goa
    • Nashik

    Nightlife in Mumbai

    Mumbai has arguably some of the best nightlife in the country. It’s open till late and considering it’s safe, party-goers can breathe easy. Mumbai has a mix of cultures and that brings in a wide array of wining and dining options.

  3. HYDERABAD:Hyderabad is a perfect representation of modern India as it still has its old-school charm with new opportunities and lifestyle. Ruled by the Nizams for a long time, Hyderabad has a lot of recent history that gives it an old-school vibe while IT companies have set up shop here.

    Work Opportunities

    Hyderabad is another major IT hub of the south. Companies like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and Google have a huge presence in the city. It also has a sizable startup presence and it comes 3rd in the list of most startups in the country after Bangalore and NCR

    Apart from IT, Pharmaceutical companies provide ample working opportunities. Dr Reddy’s, one of India’s largest pharma companies is headquartered here.

    Weather in Hyderabad

    Hyderabad’s weather is also quite temperate post-July and it is quite cold during the winters. The only hot season is from March to June.

    Affordable Property Market

    Although Banjara Hills is one of the most expensive areas in India, the other parts of Hyderabad have relatively affordable rates compared to other cities.

    Cost of Living

    Hyderabad is one of the best cities among all the major metros in terms of cost of living. Rental and food costs are considerably lower than other major cities.


    Hyderabad is truly cosmopolitan. Hindi is spoken widely in Hyderabad that enables people from other cities to blend it without having any language barrier. Hyderabad also has immigrants from countries like US and Korea that make this city an international destination.

  4. PUNE :Pune in most discussions is shadowed by its bigger brother, Mumbai. Having said that, Pune has come to its own over the years. Having a higher share of the younger population, Pune is vibrant and buzzing with opportunities and activity.

    Close proximity to Mumbai

    Pune’s proximity to Mumbai helps in making the city look attractive. Mumbai has ample work opportunities in various disciplines and most people travel to Mumbai from all parts of the country. Pune is located 150kms from Mumbai and takes 2.5 hours by road to reach.


    Pune’s weather is similar to Bangalore. It’s a temperate climate throughout the year. Although the summers (March to July) have become warmer, the winters are cold and it generally stays cool throughout the year

    Ease of Living

    Pune has been ranked number one is the ‘Ease of Living’ rankings conducted by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. It has ranked in the top ten in nine categories such as water availability and reduction in pollution.

    Cost of Living in Pune

    Although Pune has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, the rentals have not skyrocketed and are very much affordable. Even though Mumbai’s rentals have doubled and quadrupled, Pune’s rentals and property rates have remained constant making it an attractive location for many

    Young and vibrant population

    Pune has many top universities like the likes of Symbiosis that attracts youngsters to the city. This has made Pune a hub for jobs. It also has a thriving nightlife for the same reason.

  5. NAVI MUMBAI:Navi Mumbai or New Mumbai is located 22 kilometers away from its namesake Mumbai. Developed primarily to reduce congestion in Mumbai. Its considered the best city to live in Maharashtra.

    In the ‘Ease of Living’ rankings, Navi Mumbai came second, only after Pune. So what makes Navi Mumbai a top city to live in?

    Affordable Housing

    The primary advantage that Navi Mumbai has over Mumbai is the affordable rents. They are not exorbitant and are ½ the cost of Mumbai’s rentals for the same sq ft space. This makes the cost of living much cheaper than Mumbai and other metros while being very close to the economic center of India, Mumbai.

    Lesser Congestion

    Navi Mumbai does not have a huge population and it’s estimated to only have about 22 lakh people living in the city which is much less compared to Mumbai’s 1.84 crores. Lesser people constitutes better traffic and reduced pollution. Navi Mumbai also maybe the best peaceful place to live in India due to non-commercialization of a few areas.

    Planned Infrastructure

    Navi Mumbai did not grow organically. It’s a planned city and it’s managed by CIDCO which is responsible for the development of Navi Mumbai. The entire city is split into 14 nodes that are connected to each other with various modes of transport. The city has wide roads and better planning that enable a better living environment.

    Growing Opportunities

    The Navi Mumbai SEZ is expected to generate employment for thousands of professionals over the next few years. A lot of companies already have a presence in the SEZ and an estimated 500 companies are incorporated there every month.

    Real Estate Investment

    Considering Navi Mumbai is still at a nascent stage in terms of its growth. It’s the perfect opportunity for real estate investors to cash in on the impending boom. The prices being half and 1/3rd of Mumbai’s rates provide a huge leeway for upward growth in the future.


Here are India’s top cities to live in. We have jotted down the places which are best to live and also why. Hope this is helpful for you if you want refer now or in the near future.

When deciding where to put down roots, many factors are in the eye of the beholder, such as climate, politics, or proximity to extended family.

Other aspects are coveted by nearly everybody: affordable housing, access to well-paying jobs, a low cost of living, good schools, and quality healthcare. They then categorized the data into five indexes for each city — job market, value, quality of life, desirability, and net migration — to definitively rank these major metro areas.Scores for “value,” a blend of annual household income and cost of living, and “quality of life,” which accounts for crime, college readiness, commute, and other factors, are included below on a 10-point scale, as well as the city’s population and average annual salary.

1. Austin, Texas

The capital of Texas gains about 150 new residents daily, many seeking out the city’s “music, outdoor spaces, and cultural institutions,” said a local expert.

Austin is beloved for its live music scene and is host to some of the country’s biggest music and culture festivals, including South by Southwest and Austin City Limits. The city was nicknamed “Silicon hills” in the 1990’s for its status as “among the top areas for venture capital investment in the country.”

Population: 2,000,590

Average annual salary: $51,840

Quality of life: 7.3

2. Denver, Colorado

While Denver sits at the base of the Rocky Mountains, it’s not considered a mountain town since it takes at least an hour to get to the Rockies for snowboarding and ski activities, a local expert explained. At 5,279 feet, the Mile High City lives up to its name in more ways than one: In 2012, Colorado legalized recreational marijuana, paving the way for a flourishing and lucrative cannabis industry.

Population: 2,798,684

Average annual salary: $57,400

Quality of life: 7.0

3. Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs is “booming, with new residences popping up alongside quality schools, parks, and cultural attractions,” touts a local expert. The city is just an hour drive from Denver and in close proximity to Aspen and Vail’s world-class ski resorts. Military jobs influence Colorado Springs’ culture and economy, but jobs are also available in medical innovation and tech.

Population: 698,595

Average annual salary: $50,050

Quality of life: 7.0

4. Fayetteville, Arkansas

Fayetteville sits among the Ozark Mountains and is home to the University of Arkansas’ flagship campus. The surrounding area of northwest Arkansas is home to headquarters for 500 companies  including Walmart and Tyson Foods. The city has experienced immense growth, according to a local expert, who said the region has evolved “from a small town to a center of higher education, culture, commerce, and entrepreneurial-ism.”

Population: 514,166

Average annual salary: $45,830

Quality of life: 7.5

5. Des Moines, Iowa

Des Moines is drawing millennial and young families alike for its “one-of-a-kind shops, locally-owned restaurants, and hip bars” as well as its historical residences in quiet neighborhoods, said a local expert. Home to more than 80 insurance companies including giants Allied Insurance and Well-mark Blue Cross Blue Shield, the job market is thriving.

Population: 623,113

Average annual salary: $50,600

Quality of life: 7.0


These five cities in the United States of America are said to be the best cities to live in.




Pets are our family. And as we decide to relocate, they need to come with us. How can you leave those cute balls of love behind? There is not much knowledge about pet relocation.

Here is what you need to know:

Choosing a specific date and count down to it:

Choosing the exact date of when you want your pet to travel has to be planned well in advance. Bookings need to be made and enough time has to be given for all the paperwork to go through. Once you have chosen a date, begin planning.

Preparing your pet and yourself for the travel:

Like it is for kids, long flights can make your pet sick or restless. Most international relocation processes will take around 1-3 months to prepare your pet for travel. If you are moving to rabies-free countries, it might take longer than that. Relocation can make you and your pet anxious. With professionals like Universal Relocations in place, things will move smoothly.

Ensuring your pet is vaccinated:

Depending on where you are travelling to, your pet will be needed to be vaccinated. A recent rabies vaccination is one of the most important requirements. Find out which ones are needed or simply hire an international specialist for your pet moving needs.

Get all the documentation in place:

Certain breeds of dogs cannot travel to a different country. Certain pets cannot leave their native countries as well. Also, the documentation for your pet must be error-free to avoid any delay due to a minor discrepancy. It is best to let the experts take care of all the documentation as it can get complicated at times. There are strong legal provisions in place to avoid the spreading of diseases from one country to another through pets.

Every pet travel is different, so it has to be customized. At Universal Relocations, we know that your pets deserve utmost care and need to be relocated on time. Our experience of over two decades with a 24×7 support takes care of all that is needed to move your pets. We offer post-move and pre-move help and understand how important pets are to you. We know they are family.

One of the most hectic tasks in shifting a home or office is packing and moving. In fact, we cannot able to do it alone properly without the help of Packers and Movers. Residential or commercial relocation requires more pre-planning and experienced execution of the planning. Presently, many people need to relocate for the sake of their jobs. Shifting is not only time consuming but also physically draining. We should consider the feeling and emotions of our family members and ourselves as well.

Having a young one in the home is quite inconvenient to relocate to a new place.  Actually, the situation is incomprehensible and cannot express in words. It brings lots of stress and depression until safely reach the new destination. In such condition, professional Packers and Movers help is undoubtedly the perfect solution for all your stress and problems.

Advantages of packers and movers service:

Hiring the Packers and Movers for home shifting will bring countless benefits for us. For your sake, we have listed out some of the most important benefits of hiring movers for home shifting.

End to end relocation service:

The Packers and Movers provide end-to-end shifting as well as relocation service for all the customers without compromising the service quality. It does no matter, whether you are shifting house, office, or even car, you can hire the best movers and then sit back and relax. It is because they will do right from packing items to delivery and unpacking goods in the safe and proper condition on behalf of us.

Doorstep shifting service:

One of the important benefits of hiring Packers and Movers is that they provide door-to-door shifting service. The expert movers will pick all the stuff from your location and deliver it to the new place easily. You can enjoy delivery option within the city, outside the city or even outside the country.

Bring packing materials:

One of the vital tasks in shifting is packing, which needs more attention and proper packing materials. Do you know that packing materials are the vital aspect of making a huge difference in price quote of different vendors? One who uses high-quality materials to pack the item and ensure it does not get any damage during the transit avail the right amount from us.

Provide loading, unloading, and transporting:

When we engage with trustworthy Packers and Movers, we need not look for labors to load and unload goods. It is because they have their own experienced team of labors to handle items and have a fleet to transport items.





lost-luggage-claimsAs we all know that relocation is a frightening task for everyone and office shifting is even more demanding as it requires proper and applicable handling. And this tormenting task could prove to be a nightmare for a naive person as he/she is inexperienced and unaware of all the problems that one has to face while relocation. The key to a safe, organized and operative relocation is assuring the packing of the contents of the house or office has been done correctly. The task of Relocation is very challenging especially when your place is segregated into many departments. Therefore, help is required while relocating from one place to another.

There are several other tasks related to shifting such as, packing, loading, transporting, unloading and unpacking. All these things could really be a huge challenge for all but, there are various ways through which relocating could be made much swifter. Moving is usually something that people are never willing to carry out on their own. It needs lots of preparation and hard work. The process can be very daunting for some people and if done without proper planning then it can be a nightmare indeed.

Here are some tips and some necessary things that one need to see before shifting to a new place:

One Must Pre-Calculate and Estimate All the Moving-Related Expenditures:

Right before starting your moving preparation, it is crucial to calculate what you are willing to spend in your whole moving process to help you abide by it along the way. Whether you would like to seek help from professional relocation services or move on your own, there are a lot of expenses to consider. Everything comes with a price tag and can rapidly add up unless planned properly.

Label Your Boxes:

It is very important to label each and every piece of large furniture piece like a desk and chair with the employee’s name that is using it. This will ensure that relocation of the furniture gets back to the employee who uses it after the relocation. In fact, while relocation computers, printed, telephones and every other office equipment used by an employee must be labelled with the correct name of the employee.

Seek Help from Professionals:

Relocating your office to a new place can be a tough task, in such a situation taking the help of professionals will prove to be one of your best decisions. Many packers and movers companies provide services for office relocation. All you need to do is to find the best and most suitable packers and movers service. For example, if you have to relocate your office from Mumbai to Pune then all you have to do is to find good packers and movers in Mumbai and all the daunting moving tasks will be taken over by movers and packers.

Companies relocate their offices mainly because they’re expanding for more business and customers, downsizing for efficiency or simply because their lease is getting over. This time of transition is when businesses are at maximum risk. Apart from the fear of a drop in sales and complaining customers, there are also chances of frail office items like hard drives, laptops, files, data servers, etc. getting damaged during transit.

To save you from all these troubles, we have put together 9 tips that will help you move your office smoothly, should you choose to Do-It-Yourself.

1) Plan your move in advance
Start planning your move at least 3 to 6 months in advance before the actual moving time arrives. This will give you the time to get into the nitty-gritties of the move. Once you know what your new office is like, plan your interior accordingly. Decide how you’re going to arrange furniture and other equipment in the new place.

2) Inform your employees
Let your office employees know well in advance about the move. They might want to finish some major work before the move or simply prepare themselves for this change.

3) Hire a professional mover
You need to be careful while choosing a moving company. Check whether the company has executed such office moves before. You should also have a set of questions that you may want to ask them. This will help you choose the right moving company that carefully moves your sensitive office equipment.

Or, you could just choose Universal Relocations.

4) Give your IT team enough time to prepare
Inform your IT team of the move at least 3 months in advance. They need to take care of internet plans, phone connections, and other things. They might also have to inspect the new office and determine if there is any need for you to upgrade any equipment.

5) Purge unnecessary items
Get rid of unimportant old files, unused furniture, outdated mobile phones and other things that you won’t be needing anymore. This will make the move easier.

6) Order new equipment in advance
Once you evaluate the new place, you can order new furniture and equipment well in advance. Also, coordinate with the suppliers so that they deliver things to your new office just before you move in. This will help you to settle in quickly.

7) Change your address and let everyone know
Update your address on the website, letterheads, business cards, etc. You could get a little creative and try one of these ways.
Your clients should know that you are moving and should have the new address with them. Let your vendors also know about the new address so that the deliveries are made correctly at the new place.

8) Schedule your move wisely
Plan your office move keeping in mind all your important client meetings and project deadlines. You don’t want to end up in a situation where you have client meetings when all the files, laptops and equipment are being unpacked. That would look very unprofessional. It’s also unfair to expect your staff to work efficiently in such an environment. Give everyone a minimum of 3 days just to settle in.

9) Use name cards to organize
Packing name cards can be inserted at multiple places in the boxes and movers can use the layout chart to appropriately place the items. You can also put name cards at the new office, helping the movers to place the boxes appropriately.

There can be a lot of factors you can consider for moving an office from one place to another, but at the very least, a thorough plan and good organization can make the move a hassle-free experience.

Looking to move your office? Get a FREE Quote from Universal Relocations today!

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