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Pet Relocation To India

  • Universal Relocations has been providing quality pet relocation services to India for over 10 years.
  • We’re one of the most trusted  pet relocation companies in the industry.
  • You can count on us to relocate your pet to your desired destination in a safe & timely manner.
  • We can help make your next pet relocation a success without all the stress and hassles.
  • Universal will support to get NOC from Quarantine Department at Chennai ,Bangalore,Delhi ,Mumbai and Kolkatta

Our Qualified Pet Specialists Will Assist You With :

  • Titer Test
  • Universal Staff Meet at Airport on arrival
  • Quarantine Support
  • Pet Customs Clearence.
  • Arranging Pet Taxi
  • Pet Boarding
  • Pet Spa
  • Travel arrangements & bookings for your pets
  • Arrange International standard kennels on request
  • Prepare Domestic and International documentation
  • Obtain necessary Permits (Export & Import)
  • Door to Door service
  • Door to Airport service
  • NOC ( No abjection Certificate )/Import Permit
  • Pet Crates

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My name is Ginger, and I am a house cat. I am, like all cats, an amazing creature, but I am not tapping out this message on my owner’s computer just to tell you how amazing I am. No, the reason is that I want to give a testimonial about Universal Relocations. I know, cats don’t give testimonials, it’s just not done in the feline world, and if you had told me a few months ago that I’d be giving one, especially to a moving company, I’d have said you’re just another crazy human.
However, sometimes even cats need to give a testimonial, because a company is just that good at delivering superb service, and that’s the case with Universal Relocations.
First, though, I’ll have to tell you how this all came about.
I don’t usually pay much attention to my owners’ professional lives. As long as they keep my food bowl filled and my litter box fresh, I really don’t feel that I have to get involved in what they do when they’re out of the house. I hear them talking about their careers when they’re home, of course, but usually I don’t pay them any mind.
One day, however, I heard my owners Ramesh and Zara having a conversation about his job, and there was a word that made me shudder.
It was “relocation”. I didn’t know exactly what it meant, but apparently it had something to do with moving. That did not sound good. It had taken me years of educating my owners to set things up just the way I wanted them in the house, and I had finally gotten them trained properly. They knew what food I liked, what toys I preferred, the places where I liked to take my naps, and when I needed some cuddling (and more importantly, when I preferred to be alone).
The more I listened to their conversation, the worse it got. Apparently this “relocation” meant Ramesh was being transferred by his company from Texas, where we lived, to India. I looked India up online when they were both asleep, and it was very far away.
This filled me with anxiety. After all my hard work, it seemed I was going to be forced to move out of my home and to travel thousands of miles to a place where everything would be different. It might be a place where I would not have access to all the comforts I depended on so much. The food might be different, there might not be any cozy places to take a nap, and there might even be — horrors! — dogs nearby.
Why did this have to happen? I suppose there was some reason why this move would benefit Ramesh’s career, but I didn’t think anything was worth uprooting me from my home. The whole thing made me so upset I couldn’t play with my toy mouse for days.
I could tell that although Ramesh and Zara were excited about the move, they were also very nervous. I never realized it before, but it seems that humans get just as anxious about change as cats.
I certainly knew they were nervous about picking the right relocation company to move their possessions. They had a lot of fancy electronics equipment, some expensive art, and some family heirlooms they were particularly worried about. In a move of thousands of miles, how can one protect these things?
Zara called a company called Universal Relocations, and from the moment she got off the phone with them I could tell she was relieved. I heard her telling Ramesh that they were so kind and helpful on the phone she could tell immediately they would do a good job with the move. Plus, the price fit their budget! Of course, I don’t bother myself with such things as budgets — cats are above all that. What I did listen to was the part about moving me. Zara said Universal Relocations was very experienced at moving pets, and she felt comfortable about how they would handle the prospect of moving me.
I need not tell you that it filled me with dread to consider that I was to be moved halfway across the world by a company. I am a very sensitive cat, and I must have my comforts each day or I simply can’t function. I did not think any company could treat me with the kind of care and concern that I need, and I was extremely nervous about the whole situation — so nervous my appetite was affected and I couldn’t eat the gourmet salmon I used to love.
Well, as difficult as it is for me to admit, I was proven wrong. At every step of the process, Universal Relocations did an outstanding job. They were on time, efficient, and gentle with all of my owners’ possessions. They took the utmost care with everything, packing up the house as if everything in it was as precious as the contents of a museum. They taped and wrapped carefully, using the best packing materials, and even custom made boxes, pallets, etc. I could tell that Ramesh and Zara felt secure that their possessions were being handled with professional care.
And when it came time to move me, I can only say that it was as painless and pleasant as could be. I felt well cared for and secure in their hands, and my traveling experience was first rate. I had no anxiety on the plane ride, and I arrived safe and sound. It was all a fascinating adventure, with nothing that upset me in any way. In fact, it was such a good experience that I didn’t need to sulk or withhold my affection from Ramesh and Zara when I arrived in India. I was in a happy mood and ready to explore my new home.
Now we are settled in, and I have adjusted very well to India. It is a fascinating country, and I enjoy the culture. We receive visits from Ramesh and Zara’s family and friends quite often, and if I am feeling sociable I will allow them to stroke my fur from time to time. Best of all, I have not been required to adjust to the presence of another pet in the household — no cats, and certainly no dogs.
I did find out recently that they are expecting a new arrival, a baby, and I suppose I will have to adjust to one of those creatures when it comes. I have heard that they cry a lot, which will disturb my sensitive ears, but I will make the best of it, I suppose.
But after my positive experience with Universal Relocations, I have a more optimistic attitude toward change. If I can survive a move from Texas to India so smoothly, I can adjust to a new baby.
I would recommend Universal Relocations to any other cats who are being forced to leave their happy home and relocate to a strange new house. Really, it’s the best treatment a cat could ever ask for!
To learn more about how Universal Relocations can help you with your relocation services, contact them online at or by phone at 1-888-323-7356 in the United States or 1-800-103-7356 in India. They offer customer support 24/7 and can help you create a customized plan to fit your needs.

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