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Have you been living abroad and plan to return to the United States? If so, you will want to know what it takes to return home with a pet. Even if you left the country with a pet, you still need to know the rules in place for entering the country with a pet.


The United States does not require pet owners to have their pets microchipped prior to entering the country, but it is a smart idea when traveling across the world. When you have your pet microchipped and registered, it will be easier to track the pet should it get lost in travel.


Your pet will require vaccination for rabies upon entering the United States unless the pet is coming from a country the US deems to be rabies-free. If you are coming from any of these countries, your pet will have had to live in that country for at least six months or since birth. If you are coming from a country not on the approved list, the pet will need to be vaccinated 30 days prior to arrival in the United States.

Treatment for Screwworms

Dogs entering the country from a set list of countries must be treated for screwworms anywhere from one to five days prior to arrival in the country. The veterinarian caring for the dog must be able to verify that the dog was tested for screwworms and that the tests were negative.

Health Certificate

Your pet will need a health certificate provided by the vet caring for the pet. It must state the health of the pet, the date of vaccinations, the manufacturer of vaccinations and the expiration date for the rabies vaccine.

Banned Breeds

The United States does not ban any breeds of dogs, but some cities do. Be sure to check with the city where you are headed before arriving to make sure your dog’s breed is not banned.


If you have a bird as a pet it can only enter the country in Los Angeles, Miami and New York. The bird must also be kept in quarantine for 30 days upon arrival.

Traveling back home to the United States? Moving to the US for the first time? Are you bringing your pet with you? Contact Universal Relocations to find out what the regulations are.

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