Shipping to the USA

Do you own a business that ships items internationally? Are you expanding that business to include the United States? If so, you will want to know what it takes to legally ship items to the USA. Here are some important tips.

Research the Cost

As with everything your business does you will want to research the cost of shipping to the USA. You don’t want to blindly sign with any shipping company you come across. Do your research first. Find out if the company provides insurance on the shipment and at what rates.

Customs Forms

Make sure you complete all the required Customs forms prior to sending your shipment to the USA. You don’t want the shipment to get stopped at Customs in India before it leaves or flagged upon arrival at a port in the United States. This will only delay your delivery to the client and potentially cause your company to lose quite a bit of money.

Purchase Insurance and Tracking

Insurance and tracking information for an international shipment is very important. Even though you have chosen a reputable firm to ship your goods, it is still possible for the package to get lost en route. Even though it takes roughly 2-4 days to ship from India to the USA, that is still enough time for something to get lost. A tracking number will allow you to see every stop along the way. Insurance will protect your package should it get lost or damaged en route.

Specify Final Destination

You should always specify the final destination of the shipment. This includes if it is going to a business with a dock, a business without a dock or to a residence. If the shipment is going to a residence, does your company require inside delivery of the package or can it be left outside the residence? All of this should be listed on the package information with Customs.

Harmonized Tariff Schedule Code

Your package must include the Harmonized Tariff Schedule Code and the total value. This information is vital so taxes can be levied on the shipment to the USA.

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