Planning to move with pets? These are some of the things that you should know!

Moving overseas can be quite difficult if you don’t plan for it in advance. Apart from taking care of your pet, there are certain regulations that have to be complied with. If you plan to take your pets with you, it is advised that you search for pet immigration and shipping laws of the particular country.

For your ease, we have prepared a checklist for you to complete if you plan to take your pet with you!



This is a requirement for all countries. You need to have your pet vaccinated from a licensed vet.

Check up from the Vet

No matter where you are moving or how you are moving, you need to take your pet for a visit to the vet. You don’t want to risk your pet’s health. So before your departure make sure to have a final visit at the vet. Some pets have motion sickness and a vet may prescribe medicine for it.

Health Certificate

Obtain a health certificate from a vet as most states within the US often require. Many overseas countries will not allow a pet to enter without a health certificate. The health certificate should include information pertaining to all the vaccinations the pet has had, health condition, age, breed, etc.

Travel Identification Tag

The tag includes the pet’s name, the owner’s name and address for easy identification. It should be attached to the pet’s collar.


A permit to allow the pet to enter a country may be required by some countries. It has a fee which needs to be paid. A vet can ask for a permit on your behalf.

Rabies Tag

For interstate moving, your pet will be required to be vaccinated against rabies. This rabies tag should be attached to the collar of the pet.

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