Things to do after relocating

February 17, 2020 Uncategorized

After you have transferred the last box from the moving truck to your new place, one’s bound to get caught in the unpacking, cleaning and arranging the new house. Once you get caught in the flow of it the world shrinks to your household alone and you tend to forget about the neighbors around your house. Getting to know your neighbors can do you a lot of good. And good manners dictate that we should meet the neighbors and get to know them. Making good friends out of them can go a long way.

Take the first step
You are the new face in the neighborhood and you should get know the kind of neighbors you have. You shouldn’t count on them taking the first step. Everyone’s busy and trying to strike a balance between tiresome jobs, caring for their families and the things that life throws at them. People may be shy and introverted. They might be waiting for you to take the first step because they are afraid of invading your privacy. While some are like this, a few are nosy folks, gossipers, and people who badmouth the neighbors. Let your existence know and then you can start inviting them for the get-together.

Plan a housewarming party
Put together an informal gathering and it need not be anything special. As you are new to the place they wouldn’t be expecting you to pull any miracles. It can be just appetizers such as crackers, cheese, and juices. You will have a lot of time to show off your cooking and baking skills in the days to come. You just have to clean your home, get supplies and invite the neighbors. Play music to add an ambiance and put up some balloons. Sit back, relax and have fun. In such a relaxing environment you will meet nice and caring people.

Neighbors are your local Google
Strike up a casual conversation with your neighbor. A simple ‘Hi’, ‘Hello’, ‘How are you?’ are the pathway to strong relationships. They can provide assistance to you in an unfamiliar setting, which is your new locality. They will be more than happy to give you useful information such as school, places of worship, grocery stores, and reliable service providers. Without prodding too much, they might provide you with insider tips and unique points that are pertinent to their own neighborhood. Giving you this information, they would feel good about themselves and you get a sense of belonging to the community. You can also go to them if you need a helping hand or advice which you’d definitely reciprocate in the future.

Points of Connection
Once you start fraternizing with them, you start to discover shared interests, common fortunes, and misfortunes. This can be a good bonding exercise. Children and pets can be good ice-breakers. As you get closer you can help each other walk your dogs and your children might find the best playmates right next door. When you spend more time on the outside gardening or fixing your car, you’re bound to get invited in. They eventually ask you to participate with them in certain activities and there’s no compulsion to it.

Be a good neighbor
Remain a good neighbor even if you are not treated with the same respect you provide. Always be courteous when they help you and thank the, for their concern. You can never guess the next minute of your life and you never know, your neighbor might remain a good friend for the rest of your life.
You can even have the packers and movers unpack your things while you prepare a housewarming party. Things would go much smoother and you’ll have plenty of time to relax.

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