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Pets are our family. And as we decide to relocate, they need to come with us. How can you leave those cute balls of love behind? There is not much knowledge about pet relocation.

Here is what you need to know:

Choosing a specific date and count down to it:

Choosing the exact date of when you want your pet to travel has to be planned well in advance. Bookings need to be made and enough time has to be given for all the paperwork to go through. Once you have chosen a date, begin planning.

Preparing your pet and yourself for the travel:

Like it is for kids, long flights can make your pet sick or restless. Most international relocation processes will take around 1-3 months to prepare your pet for travel. If you are moving to rabies-free countries, it might take longer than that. Relocation can make you and your pet anxious. With professionals like Universal Relocations in place, things will move smoothly.

Ensuring your pet is vaccinated:

Depending on where you are travelling to, your pet will be needed to be vaccinated. A recent rabies vaccination is one of the most important requirements. Find out which ones are needed or simply hire an international specialist for your pet moving needs.

Get all the documentation in place:

Certain breeds of dogs cannot travel to a different country. Certain pets cannot leave their native countries as well. Also, the documentation for your pet must be error-free to avoid any delay due to a minor discrepancy. It is best to let the experts take care of all the documentation as it can get complicated at times. There are strong legal provisions in place to avoid the spreading of diseases from one country to another through pets.

Every pet travel is different, so it has to be customized. At Universal Relocations, we know that your pets deserve utmost care and need to be relocated on time. Our experience of over two decades with a 24×7 support takes care of all that is needed to move your pets. We offer post-move and pre-move help and understand how important pets are to you. We know they are family.

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