What services do professional movers provide?

November 30, 2018 Shipping

When it comes to moving to a new place, there are many things that one needs to take into consideration such as school, housing, job among other things.

In this case, to avoid hassle people opt for hiring professional movers. They can help you with the packing and shipping process. If you plan to move overseas, professional movers can help you in transitioning into your new life.

Services provided by professional movers

Here are some of the services professional movers’ provide:

  • The packaging of your goods that ensures little to no breakage during transport.

  • Storage services where household and other items can be stored before and after shipping. A safe facility afforded to customers eases up the process of moving.

  • For moving locally with the State or interstate, professional movers also have their own fleet of trucks of different sizes. Whatever volume of your goods is, we provide containers for all.

  • Many professional movers provide moving services to corporations and businesses in moving whether within the US or overseas.

  • Many professional movers ease the process by providing services such as school searching, visa immigration assistance among others.

  • Experienced professional movers often have a global presence. Therefore, they also provide services that help you move overseas.

  • Moving companies also provide shipping services via ships. Freight forwarding is a complex process that has multiple stages. Professional movers can help you with this.

  • Other than freight transportation via sea, many movers provide air shipping as well. It is a faster method of transporting goods but also expensive when compared to the ship.

  • They also provide you guidelines and the documentation required for shipping overseas. Import duty taxes and regulations vary from country to country. Therefore, these professional moving companies help you out in this.

  • It often happens that goods will remain at docks for a long time before they are cleared and sent to the recipient. Therefore, hiring professional movers also allows your household goods to be processed and checked by customs quickly.

  • When moving with pets, there are certain regulations that you need to follow. Good moving companies also provide information regarding this in addition to providing pet relocation services.

When hiring professional movers, you should know the level of expertise they possess. These are a few things that you should keep in mind.

Why Universal Relocations?

Universal Relocations provide its customers with moving and shipping services. Whether you are moving within the US or overseas, we provide services for all. In addition to this, we also provide people moving to the USA including pet shipping to the USA.

Our shipping services reach out to countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, India, China and Korea among others.

You can get a quote from us regarding the shipping and the packing services we provide. Check out our website for more information regarding our services.

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