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Going home or going for business, relocating to the USA or any country for that matter can seem daunting. Universal Relocations is known throughout the U.S. community for eliminating this feeling through quality service. Through decades of experience in relocation, we have formulated the most efficient ways of properly moving you and your family to the U.S. We have 4 in house offices around the U.S. and 6 around India. When you hire Universal Relocations you are not hiring a company or a 3rd party that you did not research. We are the company with expectations, standards and services that you are interested in doing business with.

Universal Relocations offers an array of services ranging from Baggage Service to the U.S., Less Than Container Load (LCL) Service to Full Container Load (FCL) Services.

Baggage Shipments

It seems practical to try and load your arms up for your flight to the U.S., but maybe there is a more practical way of getting some of your last remaining belongings to your new home! We know that $125/box may seem like an expense and that some airlines may offer you rates from $100. Although, we understand service and door to door shipping for these individual boxes or bags for a $25 premium makes more sense! Whats door to door service? Exactly what it sounds like; a pickup from your home and a delivery to your new home! Don’t load up your arms or burden the family, don’t stress, just inquire with us.
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Less than Container (LCL)

Less than container loads allow our client make shipments that may not fill an entire container. Instead of requiring our clients to rent an entire container for their own inventory, Universal Relocations allows its clients to rent a portion of a container and pay for only the amount of space their inventory utilizes. At last our clientele have realized that we really do provide the most economically efficient in house service a relocation company can offer!

Service to Full Container Load (FCL)

Moving your entire house? Perhaps you have a 1-2 bedroom home and require your own 20 ft. container? Perhaps you have a larger home requiring 1 or 2 40 ft. containers. This is a common happening around the world. Lucky for you we have the resources and a couple decades of know how to make sure that this transition runs smooth! Just imagine our crew arriving to your home in the morning, spending a day or possibly 2 packing your belongings. From your TV’s and clothes to the finest art and furniture that you guard, Universal Relocations plans to keep the movement of your inventory safe and kept to a minimum. By mid to late afternoon your container should arrive and my crew will load your inventory into your own container, which will act as a secure means of transportation until it reaches your new home in the U.S.

Customs Duty for Transfer of Residence:

Household effects conditionally included are duty-free. These include such items as furniture, carpets, paintings, tableware, stereos, linens, and similar household furnishings; tools of the trade, professional books, implements, and instruments.
You may import household effects you acquired abroad duty-free if:

You used them abroad for no less than one year.
They are not intended for any other person or for sale.

For Customs purposes, clothing, jewelry, photography equipment, portable radios, and vehicles are considered personal effects and cannot be brought in duty-free as household effects. However, duty is usually waived on personal effects more than one year of age. All vehicles are dutiable.
Please make sure that the importer of record has a U.S. Passport, Green Card or proper Work Visa. In the event the importer does not have any of the above documents their shipment will not be customs cleared and rejected.
The importer will need to have the below documentation for Duty Free Customs Clearance into the U.S.

Passport/Visa/Green card
Form 3299
Supplemental Declaration Form
Power of Attorney
Inventory List (packing list)

The importer will need to make sure that they are currently in the U.S. while their shipment is in the process of being Customs Cleared.

Universal Relocations was established in 1996. In the very early years, we concentrated on developing our international moving business. We moved Corporate Expatriates and Diplomats from a wide range of business sectors. And we’re still working with many of those clients today.

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INDIA : 1-800-103-7356

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