Moving Pets to Dubai – What You Need to Know

Moving Pets to Dubai, Are you moving to Dubai and want to bring your furry friends along? Relocating pets overseas can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be with proper preparation and research. Dubai offers a high-quality lifestyle for expatriates, and your pets can enjoy it too if you plan their move carefully. This guide breaks down all the steps and requirements for smoothly transitioning your cats, dogs, or other animals to your new home in the UAE.

Research regulations and paperwork early

The first and most critical task is researching the regulations around importing pets into Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Each type of animal has specific rules, so verify requirements with the official authorities early. For dogs and cats, you’ll need a valid vaccination certificate, veterinary health certificate, import permit, and more. Requirements differ based on factors like age and breed. Compile all documents required by the UAE and your departure country; incomplete paperwork will mean delays or rejection.

Work with a reputable pet relocation company

Navigating Dubai’s import laws, booking approved transportation, and managing all pet move details takes expertise. Work with a professional pet relocation company familiar with the UAE’s policies. They’ll advise you on regulations, properly prepare your paperwork, and coordinate all transportation. This lifts the burden while giving your pet the best chance of smooth clearance. Look for companies accredited by bodies like the Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association.

Understand the import process

The import process when you arrive in Dubai takes time, so be prepared. First, your pet will need an on-arrival examination by a government vet at the airport to check microchip ID, vaccination records, and overall health. Clearing this hurdle means getting an import permit from Dubai’s customs authority, then your pet will be released to you! It’s helpful to know the process in advance.

Book-approved airlines and climate-controlled transport

Extreme heat is a major risk when Moving Pets to Dubai. Only certain airlines like Emirates and Etihad allow animals, and you must book climate-controlled cargo holds for the journey. Work with your relocation company to identify pet-approved airlines serving Dubai and reserve temperature-controlled cargo space well in advance. This protects your pet from dangerously hot conditions.

Know the costs involved

Relocating pets overseas comes with costs including:

  • Flight expenses – Booking cargo space, climate-controlled holds
  • Preparation fees – Vaccines, veterinary checks, paperwork costs
  • Import charges – Permits, examinations, and fees required by the UAE
  • Relocation company service charges

Budget accordingly and get pricing estimates upfront from your relocation company. It’s typically in the thousands per pet but gives you peace of mind.

Get your pet microchipped

Microchipping is compulsory for importing cats and dogs into Dubai. Schedule an appointment to get your pet implanted well before departure. The microchip allows easy ID checks at Dubai Airport and customs. Present your pet’s verified microchip paperwork to avoid potential delays.

Consider any breed restrictions

The UAE enforces some breed-specific regulations you should review. Certain dogs like Rottweilers, Dobermans, and Pit Bulls are banned from entering altogether unless they obtain a special permit. There are also restrictions on bringing in more than two dogs. Consult any banned breed lists and limitations so your pet has no issues.

Time vaccinations carefully

It’s essential your pet’s vaccines are current, but timing matters too. Vaccinations must be done at least 30 days before arrival in Dubai but also within one year. Work backward from your move date and schedule an appointment so your animal meets these vaccination validity requirements. Your vet can help plan shots appropriately.

Know where you can and can’t take pets

While popular, pets are still somewhat limited in public spaces in Dubai. Dogs are banned from parks, beaches, hotels, restaurants, and tourist sites. There are some designated dog parks where pets can play off-leash, but open areas are scarce. Familiarize yourself with pet-friendly spaces and restrictions to avoid issues. The upside is most residential compounds allow pets.

Prep your pet’s health for Dubai’s climate

Dubai’s arid desert climate can be an adjustment for pets used to more temperate regions. Help them transition by scheduling a pre-move veterinary checkup. Your vet can suggest any necessary vaccines and recommend steps like dietary changes for the new climate. Starting flea/tick prevention and acclimating to warmer weather pre-move makes the adjustment smoother.

Set up necessities in advance

To help your pet settle into their new home, have all their basics ready ahead of time. Ship over or source key supplies like food, medications, bedding, carriers, leashes, litter boxes, etc. Finding familiar items in a new country instantly makes pets more comfortable. Having food, toys, their bed, and other staples unpacked and waiting helps immensely.

Be aware of cultural differences

Dubai has a diverse, multicultural population, but the predominant religion is Islam. It’s important to be mindful of cultural norms around pets that may differ from your home country’s. Be respectful of those in your community who may not interact with dogs due to religious reasons. There are also differing perspectives on spaying/neutering. Do your research to be culturally aware.

Make follow-up vet visits

Once your pet is settled in Dubai, schedule follow-up appointments with a local vet. They can confirm health after the move and re-establish your animal’s vaccination schedule as needed. Look for practices experienced with relocated pets and expatriate pet owners. Vet care in Dubai meets very high international standards.

Moving with your furry best friend internationally requires effort but brings huge rewards. By following these key steps and working with experienced professionals, your pet can thrive in their new Dubai home as much as you will!

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