Baggage Shipping from USA to India

Universal Relocations operates the ultimate baggage shipping service. There is no need to book us in advance, simply show up at any of our terminal locations within normal business hours. In ten minutes, your bagging shipping needs will be sorted.

At this time, luggage allowances are slowly decreasing; simultaneously, charges for excess baggage are increasing. As an airline customer, you may be disappointed by how little you can bring with you on your trip. If you are taking a leisure vacation, such as skiing, airlines can refuse to take any item they deem over-sized, or force you to pay exorbitant charges.

Whether you are shipping clothes, books, gifts or equipment, Universal Relocations is the solution that will ship from the US to India, or vice versa.

Students traveling abroad don’t need to fear the wrath of airline charges. We can deliver unaccompanied luggage to their destination safe and sound, saving you time and skipping the part where you spend long hours waiting at check-in desks and luggage carousels.

Booking your US to India, or India to US shipment with us couldn’t be any easier. Follow our instructions which will guide you through the process of filling custom forms, give handy packing tips, and tell you what not to send unaccompanied.

  • Registered Company

    Is Universal Relocations a registered company?

    It would be more accurate to say that a moving company is “registered.” For example, Universal Relocations has been issued a Certificate of Authority by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to move household goods from United States. And we are proud member of FIDI, International association of movers (IAM), IPATA, AMSA.

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  • Cost For Shipping

    How would I know the cost for shipping and how it works, can you please explain?

    The Price is based mainly on the volume of the shipment. Our invoice will be based on actual costs of Packing, packing supplies, Labour, Pickup, Palletizing, loading, shipping, clearing and delivering the shipment. There are ways to determine an estimated cost in advance. On small shipments we can determine estimated cost by analyzing the list of items to be packed and shipped. The more details from the customer, we can be more precise and provide an accurate or closer to the accurate estimate.

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  • Safety Of The Shipment

    Can you brief up on the SAFETY OF THE SHIPMENT?

    Due to innovations and advancements in the transportation industry, shipping internationally is nearly as safe as shipping domestic. There are some additional hazards to which an international shipment can be exposed, starting with the ocean. Some countries are known for heat and humidity and some have security concerns. Our 16 years of experience has taught us practical lessons on how to deal with each of these, thus reducing them to procedures as common as shipping locally.

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  • Tips On Packing

    Can you please provide some tips on Packing?

    We do not recommend Home Depot boxes for international shipping. We can supply you with specially made cartons, for everything from mattresses to clothing and mirrors. The added protection of mover-provided cartons may avoid damage that results from the use of poor-quality packing materials. Your alternative is to collect boxes discarded by your grocery or liquor store. Save old newspapers for use in packing, but remember that ink may rub off and stain clothing or other items. *WARNING: Insect eggs and insects such as roaches can travel in food boxes.

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Own offices in INDIA and the USA

Having Own office in India and USA is one of the largest in the removals industry. Having Own offices not only increases our control over operations, but enables us to considerably reduce our use of agents, while maintaining Consistent quality in our service.
Through improved control of the removals process, we guarantee complete flexibility to our customers. Our experience and know-how in key areas such as logistics and customs clearance, combined with our storage facilities, allows us to adapt to the needs and requests of our customers in good time, while maintaining high service standards.

  • Transfer of Residency – Customs duty

    NRI/PIO who are returning to India for an extended period should consider using the transfer of residency so that they can take advantage of relaxed customs duties. Transfer of Residence is a facility provided to persons who intend to transfer their residence to India after a stay abroad of at least two years. This facility allows the imported personal and household articles, free of duty and certain other listed items, on payment of a concessional rate of duty. Those taking transfer of residence is no longer subjected to any minimum stay requirements in India.

  • Transfer of
    Residence Rules

    The requirements to qualify for transfer of residency concessions: A minimum stay of two years abroad, immediately preceding the date of arrival on transfer of residency is required. Total stay in India on short visits during the 2 preceding years, should not exceed 6 months, and such persons have not availed concessions under transfer of residency in the preceding three years.

  • Exemptions

    hortfall of up to two months in stay abroad can be condoned by Deputy Commissioner of Customs or Assistant Commissioner of Customs if the early return is on account of terminal leave or vacation being availed of by the passenger or any other special circumstances for reasons which will be required in writing by the customs authorities. The Principal Commissioner of Customs or Commissioner of Customs may condone short visits in excess of six months in special circumstances for reasons to be recorded in writing.

  • Duty free items allowed
    under transfer of residence

    The total combined value of such goods should not exceed rupees five lakh. NRIs should also be aware that, not more than one unit, of each item of such goods is allowed, per family. Items allowed duty free under transfer of residence are:Used personal and household articles up to an aggregate value of Rupees 5 Lakh. Jewelry up to Rs. 50,000 by a gentleman passenger or Rs. 100,000 for a lady passenger. Jewelry taken out earlier by the passenger or by a member of his family from India. (Proof may be required)Video Cassette Recorder or Video Cassette Player or Video Television Receiver or Video Cassette Disk Player. Washing Machine. Electrical or Liquefied Petroleum Gas Cooking Range Personal Computer( Desktop Computer)Laptop Computer( Notebook Computer)Domestic Refrigerators of capacity up to 300 liters or its equivalent.

  • List of items with
    reduced customs duty

    For the following items, a reduced customs duty of 36% is charged. It does not matter whether these items are new or old. Color Television or Monochrome Television. Digital Video Disc Player. Video Home Theater System. Dish Washer. Music System. Air Conditioner. Domestic refrigerators of capacity above 300 liters or its equivalent. Deep Freezer. Microwave Oven. Video camera or the combination of any such video camera with one or more of the following goods, namely:- television Receiver; Sound recording or reproducing apparatus; Video reproducing apparatus. Word Processing Machine. Fax Machine. Portable Photocopying Machine.Vessel.Aircraft.Cinematographic films of 35 mm and above. Gold or silver, in any form, other than ornaments.

  • Drones NOT allowed to be brought
    in to India by passengers

    Due to security concerns, India no longer allows passengers to carry Drones to India. Effective April 1, 2016. Indian Customs Declaration Forms have been revised and Drones are on the prohibited list and not duty free.

Universal Shipment Tracking

Having the capacity to track a shipment enables organizations to monitor and maintain a strategic distance from lost shipments. Shipment tracking can likewise tell shippers of any issues that happened on the bundles venture from source to goal. Organizations that offer shipment tracking can all the more likely fulfill their clients and give them a true serenity amid the delivery procedure.

  • Ship Large Box for $80/Box - No weight limit

  • Guaranteed delivery with in 90-120 days

  • Pickup Free boxes from our location

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