Shipping to India by Air

Why shipping to India?

Are you moving to India? If so, you will likely want to bring at least some of your possessions and clothes with you for the move. This means that you will need to ship these items to the country. One of the best methods, and quickest, is to ship them via air.

Why Shipping to India by Air?

Why choose air for your shipping needs to India? Well, even though shipping containers of your items via boat is convenient, air is much quicker. Most shipments headed to India via air will reach the country within 2-4 days. If you have a deadline to meet, be sure to send the shipment a couple of days early in the event there are any issues along the route of travel.

Banned Items       

There are certain items that are not allowed to be shipped to India. These items include pornography, ivory, maps that show incorrect boundaries of the country, medicine, food, CD Roms, electronics, video tapes and seeds.

If you must bring medicine with you to India you will need a No Objection Certificate in order for the package to clear through Customs. This form can be acquired from the Assistant Drug Controller of India. The scientific name of the drug, not its trade name, must be listed on the Customs paperwork.

Food Exceptions

Food can be shipped to India if it meets a list of requirements set forth by the Food Safety authorities, which also have to provide you with a No Objection Certificate. The food requirements include the following:

  • Food must be in original manufacturer packaging.
  • Food must not have been tampered in any form and be sealed.
  • The label on the food must include all of the ingredients.
  • The food must have a shelf life of longer than six months from the date of shipment.

Shipping TVs Via Air

It is not recommended that you ship your TVs via air to India. They are more likely to break than furniture or other items in your shipment, which is why many insurance carriers will not insure them for the trip.

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