How Technology is Revolutionizing the Pet Travel Industry

Technology is Revolutionizing the Pet Travel Industry, The pet travel industry has come a long way in recent years. New technologies and innovations have made traveling with pets easier and more convenient than ever before. From smart devices to transportation options, technology is revolutionizing pet travel in many exciting ways.

Planning Made Easier with Apps and Sites

In the past, pet owners had to spend hours researching airlines, hotels, and destinations that accommodate pets. Now, apps and websites like those provided by Universal Relocations exist that compile all that information in one place. Pet travelers can search their databases to find pet-friendly lodging, restaurants, parks, and more at their destination. Their apps and sites help take the guesswork out of trip planning.

Smart Tech Gadgets Ease the Journey

Clever gadgets that utilize the latest tech make the actual journey smoother as well. GPS pet trackers allow you to track your pet’s location so you never lose them. They utilize cellular and/or GPS technology depending on the model. Some even have virtual fences that alert you when your pet wanders too far.

Automatic pet feeders and waterers allow you to schedule feeding times and portions. This comes in handy while traveling when schedules are disrupted. You can feed pets on time even when away from home. High-tech pet cameras let you check on and interact with pets when you have to leave them alone. You can even toss treats!

Better Identification and Health Monitoring

Microchipping has revolutionized pet identification and reunited many lost pets with owners. A microchip is implanted under the pet’s skin with a unique ID number. Vets and shelters scan found pets to get the ID and look up the associated owner information. Microchipping is a safe, effective way to identify pets if they become lost while traveling.

Health monitoring technology helps keep pets safe as well. At-home lab kits allow pet owners to easily check for heartworm, Lyme disease, and other ailments before travel so they can address any health issues. In-feed glucose monitors track glucose levels in diabetic pets, allowing for continual monitoring even while away from home.

More Pet-Friendly Travel Options

Many airlines now accommodate pets either in-cabin or as cargo. Shorter flights generally allow small pets in the cabin with some restrictions. For longer flights or large pets, airlines have pet cargo facilities. Airlines are even testing pet monitoring cameras for cargo.

Trains, buses, and other ground transportation are increasingly pet-friendly as well. There are more options than ever when it comes to choosing pet-friendly transport and lodging. Universal Relocations keeps customers informed about the latest pet-friendly travel options.

Advances in Veterinary Care on the Road

In case pets get ill while traveling, veterinary telemedicine apps now allow you to consult a vet from anywhere. You can video chat with licensed veterinarians, get advice, and obtain prescriptions as needed. This avoids stressful visits to unfamiliar veterinary offices in new places.

Veterinary technology has also expanded to be more mobile. Mobile vet clinics can come to you if pets fall ill on the road or have another emergency. They offer checkups, diagnostics, treatment, and more conveniently on-site.

Facilitating Responsible Pet Travel

To promote responsible and low-stress pet travel, technology assists in areas like health certificates and quarantines. Universal Relocations provides up-to-date information on vaccination requirements, certificates of veterinary inspection, quarantines, and regulations based on your destination. This ensures travelers comply with regulations.

Some airlines even utilize Bluetooth technology to safely transport pets as air cargo, tracking location, temperature, and pressure. This alerts staff about any concerning changes so that pets remain safe.

The Future Looks Bright

While pet travel technology has already changed the game for pet owners, this is likely just the beginning. We will likely see even more advanced tech to further simplify and enhance pet travel. Universal Relocations stays on top of the latest innovations to best serve their pet relocation customers now and in the future.

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