Tips To Schedule Utilities and Services For Your Move

Moving from the USA to UAE is a whirlwind. Storing your valuables fills your living room, goodbyes turn into tearful goodbyes (again!), and the logistics of getting everything from point A to point B can feel like a high-stakes game of Tetris. But amidst the chaos, there’s one crucial detail that can easily slip through the cracks: schedule utilities and services.

There’s nothing quite like arriving at your new place, ready to unwind after a marathon moving session, only to be greeted by…darkness. No running water for that celebratory post-move beverage? No internet to catch up with friends and family? Let’s avoid that scenario, shall we?

So, how can you ensure a smooth transition when it comes to your utilities and services?

Expert Tips To Schedule Utilities and Services

Here are some handy tips to keep you lit (literally and figuratively) during your move.

1. Start Early, Stay Organized

Moving is a process that requires meticulous planning, and schedule your utilities is no exception. As soon as you have a moving date in mind, start contacting your service providers to arrange for disconnection at your current address and connection at the new one. Create a checklist of all the utilities and services you’ll need to transfer or set up anew to stay organized.

2. Notify Service Providers

Informing your service providers about your impending move is crucial to avoid any disruptions in your services. Whether it’s electricity, gas, water, or internet, contact each provider to schedule disconnection at your old address and reconnection at your new one. Many providers offer online forms or dedicated helplines to streamline this process, so take advantage of these resources.

3. Research Local Providers

If you’re moving to a new area, take some time to research local utility providers. Different regions may have different companies offering services like electricity, gas, and water. Look into options for internet and cable providers as well. Choosing the right providers can have a significant impact on both the quality of service you receive and your monthly expenses.

4. Coordinate Installation Dates

Coordinate installation dates with your service providers to ensure everything is up and running when you move in. Schedule appointments for utilities like internet and cable installation well in advance, especially if you’re moving during a busy time of year. Being proactive can help you avoid delays and ensure a smooth transition.

5. Don’t Forget About Special Services

In addition to essential utilities, don’t forget about any special services you may need at your new home. This could include things like trash collection, recycling services, and lawn care. Contact the relevant providers to set up these services ahead of time, so you’re not left scrambling after you move in.

6. Update Your Address

Once you’ve scheduled your utilities and services for your new home, don’t forget to update your address with other important entities. This includes banks, insurance companies, and any subscription services you may have. Forward your mail through the postal service to ensure you don’t miss any important correspondence during the transition.

7. Check for Promotions or Discounts

Moving is often a costly endeavor, so it pays to look for ways to save money wherever you can. Some utility providers offer promotions or discounts for new customers, so be sure to inquire about any available deals when setting up your services. You may also be able to bundle certain services together for additional savings.

8. Plan for Emergencies

Even with careful planning, unexpected issues can arise when moving utilities. Be prepared for the unexpected by having a contingency plan in place. Keep important contact information handy in case you need to reach out to your service providers quickly. Having a backup generator or alternative heating source can also provide peace of mind in case of power outages or other emergencies.

9. Double-Check Before You Move

A few days before your move, double-check all your arrangements to ensure everything is in order. Confirm installation appointments with your service providers and verify that utilities will be activated on schedule. This is also a good time to make note of any meter readings or other important information you may need once you’re in your new home.

10. Test Everything Upon Arrival

Once you’ve moved into your new home, take the time to test all your utilities and services to make sure everything is functioning correctly. Check outlets, faucets, and appliances to ensure they’re working as they should. If you encounter any issues, don’t hesitate to contact your service providers for assistance. 

Moving Day and Beyond: Breathe Easy

Moving day arrives, and you navigate the last boxes into your new home. But wait! There’s no internet to celebrate with a virtual toast, and the fridge remains eerily silent. Don’t panic! Refer back to your confirmation emails or call the utility companies to double-check the activation dates.

Patience is key. It might take a few hours for services to be fully up and running. In the meantime, unpack some essentials (flashlight, snacks!) and enjoy the accomplishment of settling into your new space.

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