Moving to india ? You Pack We Move .

International Moving to India has never been easier! Today Universal Relocations offers a cost saving solution that allows you to pack on your own!

  • Why Pack Your Own Liftvan container?
  • Move at your own pace!
  • Keep your shipment organized the way you want!
  • Keep your boxes from being handled by 3rd Party Courier Services
  • Avoid any repacking charges due to poor 3rd Party Handling
  • No overflow or pallet charge .
  • No hidden cost
  • Save Money!
  • What is your service like?
  • only what you need ,Price Guaranteed

Imagine packing your shipment at your own pace and calling us when you are ready to send! Everything will be customs cleared and delivered to your home in India the way you packed it. Though there is one additional benefit, you will not need to carry your inventory in, unpack and remove the debris. Our destination team will make sure that you are left with the door to door relaxed feeling you are seeking.

Liftvan Size to Fit Your Closet or Bedroom ,We offer Liftvans in three different sizes to fit your move.

Any where Delivery in india .

50 cubic foot container   : 45x45x44-   $   950.00

100 cubic foot container : 45x45x78-  $ 1150.00

200 cubic foot container : 87x47x87-  $ 1850.00

Note : Above Rates applicable 100mile radius from our locations excludes customs duty .

Liftvan Container Strength?

These liftvans are made from triple wall carbox material. You will be incredible impressed by their strength and durability.


Don’t worry! Your Liftvan will come equipped with a weather proof plastic shroud which will offer your shipment protection!


We know that your belongings a precious. We also know that feeling of handing your personal belongings to another party. Our policy will offer you a Total Loss Insurance package for your peace of mind! Just ask us about it.



Universal Relocations was established in 1996. In the very early years, we concentrated on developing our international moving business. We moved Corporate Expatriates and Diplomats from a wide range of business sectors. And we’re still working with many of those clients today.

USA : 1-888-323-7356
INDIA : 1-800-103-7356

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