Since 1998, Universal Relocation has been trusted by families to safely relocate their pets throughout India and all over the world.

We are all pet lovers, and many of us are pet owners, so we do understand how much you care for your pet relocation to and from india and that you may feel some anguish about being separated from your pet while you are relocating your pet from and to India .Our drivers are professional pet handlers who handle Pets Carefully.Our Pet Relocation Specialists understand that a family relocation is a significant event, and we can offer a range of services and options that will make your pet’s relocation easier for you and your pet.Universal Relocation is a member of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA).We are partnered with hundreds of locations throughout the world.

Universal Relocations has qualified specialists who will assist you for pet relocation to and from India :

Travel arrangements and bookings for your pets on direct/cost effective flights
Arrange International standard kennels on request
Prepare Domestic and International documentation
Obtain necessary Permits (Export & Import)
Arrange veterinary health examinations and quarantine approvals from government authorities
Door to Door service
Door to Airport service
NOC (No Objection Certificate )
Titer Test

Our network of pet specialists ensures your pet reaches the destination quickly and safely.

While you may place the welfare and health of your pets in our hands while relocating, we realize you may be worrying with a lot of questions and doubts in your head. We seek to remove any doubts you may have and ensure your pets are relocated as safely as you, sometimes even safer than you.

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Here are a few things that you need to be aware of about relocating your pets while moving overseas

Animals are transported in the cargo section of the aircraft that is reserved for animals; it is located underneath the passenger cabin and is well pressurized and the temperature is also moderated to suit the animals.

More than a million pets fly safely worldwide every year and are well cared for. It is the Captain’s responsibility to know whether or not animals are on board and that certain procedures are adhered to. All animals are checked and watered on stopovers. We, have flown pets all over the world, and have collected many pets arriving from various destinations around the world on a daily basis. We can say that it has been our observation that the pets have all been quite happy and pleased and they suffered no undue stress due to the journey.

We use two types of travel boxes, wooden and plastic. Both are airline approved, with appropriate ventilation and a water bowl is attached to the wire front. We make sure that the size of the box is adequate for the pet to stand up, lie down and move around within the box.

Yes, provided it lies flat and does not block the ventilation holes. In fact we encourage owners to provide a blanket or even an article of their clothing to put into the box, as the animal feels more secure with something that smells familiar.

Tranquilizing is done only upon request. We do not normally tranquilize cats as they sometimes have an adverse reaction to the tranquilizer, sometimes it makes them hyperactive. It’s not recommended to tranquilize any flat nose breed of dog as they may have difficulty breathing.

Animals have no perception of time, and do not know the difference between six days, six weeks or six months. The quarantine period is often worse for the owner than their pet(s), as the owner has feelings of guilt about leaving their pet(s) in kennels for a long period.