Moving During COVID-19: A Practical Guide and Safety Tips

Moving During COVID-19, The coronavirus pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives, including how we approach major life events like moving. While moving is stressful enough in normal times, doing so during a global health crisis requires extra planning and precautions. This guide covers tips and strategies for staying safe and reducing stress when moving during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Assess Whether to Postpone

Before doing anything else, carefully consider if you can postpone your move to a later date when the public health situation may be more under control. Moving companies are still operating, but may have limited availability. Rules around social distancing also complicate the moving process. Unless your move is essential, it may be wise to delay it several months if possible.

Book Reputable Movers

If you must move now, hire professional movers to reduce the need for you to interact with many people face-to-face. Look for larger moving companies that are taking extra steps for sanitization and social distancing. Ask about their specific COVID-19 protocols. Many movers are minimizing customer contact, wearing masks and gloves, and disinfecting their trucks regularly.

Declutter and Downsize

Downsizing your possessions can make your move safer and easier. Get rid of items you no longer need so you have fewer boxes and furniture to move. This also minimizes the amount of time movers spend in your home. Hosting garage sales or donation pick-ups is difficult now, but you can still declutter by recycling, trashing, or storing unneeded items.

Arrange Logistics Remotely

Use phone, email, and video chat to arrange move logistics whenever possible. Conduct virtual walkthroughs of your properties using video calls to point out important details. Sign contracts and make payments electronically to avoid close contact. Communication is key as plans may change frequently during COVID-19.

Pack Smart and Sanitize while Moving During COVID-19

Pack efficiently by yourself or with members of your household so movers handle fewer boxes. Use disinfectant wipes to sanitize surfaces of items and furniture before packing them up. Clean all boxes and taping tools before use. Remember to regularly wash your hands while packing. Only pack items that have been thoroughly cleaned to reduce any transmission risks.

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Plan for Safe Loading/Unloading

On a moving day, stay six feet from movers and wear a mask when interacting with them. Allow movers to load items themselves instead of passing boxes to them directly. Disinfect door handles, knobs, and any other surfaces movers touch afterward. When unloading at your new home, create a plan to minimize close proximity with movers.

Clean New Home Thoroughly

Before moving anything into your new residence, give the entire space a thorough cleaning using disinfecting products. Pay close attention to counters, fixtures, floors, and appliances. This reduces potential virus contamination from previous inhabitants. Schedule professional deep cleaning services if possible.

Arrange Furniture Properly

Set up your new home with health safety in mind. Make sure there is adequate ventilation and airflow in each room. Allow six feet of space between pieces of furniture to encourage social distancing. Arranging a separate isolation room is also wise in case a household member becomes ill.

Stay Connected from Afar

Moving can isolate you from friends and community who would normally help you get settled. Combat loneliness by staying connected virtually. Video chat frequently with loved ones. Reach out to neighborhood groups and contacts in your new town online. Keep your support system strong even from a distance.

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International Shipping to India

If you are moving overseas to India during the pandemic, shipping items is more complex. Contact movers in India to see if they are available and can meet safety protocols. Check import restrictions too, as India may limit incoming shipments from certain countries due to COVID-19. You may need to consider only shipping essential, high-value possessions.

Moving during COVID-19 requires extra effort and flexibility. By following safety guidelines, using smart planning, and leveraging technology, you can reduce risks and stress. While it may look different than normal, you can still have an organized, efficient move. With some creativity and care for others, we can all get through this public health crisis together.

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