Are you moving to Canada? Here are a few things you should know before moving to the country!

About Country

Canada is located on the North American continent. USA is located on the southern side of the country and shares a border with the USA state of Alaska in the west. The country has a population of over 36 million people.

There are two languages that are widely spoken in the country which are French and English. European influences can be found in Canadian culture and history. However, over the years, Canada has been able to develop its own culture which is distinctive and unique.

Canadians are avid lovers of the sport such as ice hockey which is the favorite sport in the country. Canadians also enjoy outdoor sports such as skiing, snowboarding, and hiking. The capital of the country, Ottawa, is popular for historic buildings and heritage sites.

Apart from being culturally diverse, Canadians are generally friendly people. Canada also has beautiful and scenic locations that attract nature-loving people. Apart from this, Canada offers quality education to students. For permanent residents, Canada provides free healthcare. In addition to this, there are many job opportunities in Canada for foreign workers.

Major Airports and Seaports

Since Canada shares a land border with the USA, shipping, and transportation of the goods between the two countries is done using trucks. But shipping household goods from other countries is done by ships. Some of the ports in Canada include Victoria, Port Hawkesbury, Saint John Port, Port of Montreal and others.

Toronto Pearson International Airport in Toronto, Vancouver International Airport in Vancouver, Calgary International Airport in Calgary and Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport are some of the top international airports that function in the country.

When shipping household goods overseas, there are a few custom regulations that you should bear in mind. Before moving to Canada, you should prepare documentation that will allow you to bring household goods into the country. These include a copy of your passport, work permit, residence permit and inventory which details the list of your items.

Most shipping and moving companies provide information regarding customs regulations and immigration. Make sure that the shipping company you hire provides you with this information.

Why Universal Relocations?

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