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The best help you can get when you need to move is in a company like Universal Relocations. We can get your items anywhere within the country in next to no time.

The need for one to relocate to a new location could be for any reason – whether it be for a new job, educational or even personal reasons, one is indeed on the move constantly. However, to uproot everything from one place to another can turn out to be quite a hassle, and that’s why you may feel the need to hire additional help.We are heavily committed to bringing in great value for money in next to no time whatsoever. Our team offers some of the best shipping boxes and a variety of other cost-effective products. We put a lot of work into making sure that all your items are handled efficiently and with the best possible focus. Nothing is impossible when you work with us, and that’s why we are always more than happy to assist. Our team is here to help you relocate even the largest of household items and furniture to any corner of the country with the utmost of ease.

We understand all the potential challenges and problems that one may face whilst relocating, but we have already come across most of these issues during our long and storied past, and come out much stronger. Please feel free to contact us whenever you need your moving handled by a team of experts.


Corporate offices have their complications of requiring heavy machinery, large objects, and other difficult-to-move equipment. Having to relocate such offices with these types of resources could be quite troublesome. We have a wealth of experience when it comes to moving such large items on a global scale with little to no effort. We put a lot of work into shipping large pieces of furniture as well.

Security and safety are close to the top of priorities. All items are carefully packaged to ensure that nothing will break regardless of the situation. Nothing is more important than keeping your items safe, and you can count on our team to offer you all the assistance that you would require along the way.

Local Shipping

Our unmatched experience on a global scale when it comes to

relocations will come in handy if you want to move a short distance, and we can guide you through this task with utmost precision.

Interstate Shipping

Our commitment to efficiently delivering your goods in a

timely manner will ensure that you needn’t worry about the safety and security of your packages when it comes to moving large distances.

Full Container Load (FCL)

Moving your entire house? Perhaps you have a 1-2

bedroom home and require your own Half a container (20ft)? Lucky for you we have the resources and a couple decades of know how to make sure that this transition runs smooth!

Less Container Load (LCL)

Less than container loads allow our client make shipments

that may not fill an entire container. Universal Relocations allows its clients to rent a portion of a container and pay for only the amount of space their inventory utilizes.