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One of the most common questions people usually ask when shifting to India is whether they should pack their TV with other stuff or not. Moving is a stressful event. It is always advised by the experts to avoid stuff that increases your efforts. TVs are one of those items that can be quite difficult to ship from one place to the other. Due to their fragile nature, they should be handled with extreme care. So if you want to take your TV with you, no problem, we are here to manage your issues regarding the shipment of the TV to India.

There is some important information related to TV shipment in India every individual should know before the start of the moving process.


Options for moving TV in India

Before you get involved in other details of shipping TV to India, you need to know the options available for this transportation. For every individual, there are three different options to move their TV from which the best one can be selected. These options are

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Water shipping

The next option that can be considered is moving your TV through the ocean. You can book this shipping on a ship and within a specified time, your item will be delivered to India. Out of all other options you can select for this movement, this is the cheapest. However, there is a possibility that it takes a longer time for the completion of the task but so far, this is an affordable option. But still, you need to have information about the customs duty for TV in India.

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The first option for moving the TV to India is through the flight. You can do the bookings and send it through an airplane. However, you need to make sure that you have a detailed information about the rules and regulations of the airlines and the customs duty for TV in India. All this is essential for a successful move.


Air shipping

Next and the last option to consider is air shipping. However, it must be noted here that air shipping can be a bit expensive than other ways. Moreover, you need to have a detailed information and arrangement about certain aspects like the customs clearance, transit time and insurance. Insurance needs to be considered as it is a fragile item and the probability of damages is a bit high.
With the consideration of the above-mentioned options, you can select any way that best suits your requirements. Before finalizing, it must be noted that select the one that is affordable for you.
If you are concerned about the whole process, you can always get our shipping services. We, at Universal relocations, make sure that our customers get the high-quality shipping services. By selecting our company, you don’t have to worry about the details of the insurance or the customs duty for TV in India as we will handle everything for you.


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